Sunday, January 1, 2012

The New Year

This is my first new year without my Acha.
It doesn't feel very good.
When you don't have that somebody who has been with you all your life
It doesn't feel good at all
I know I have to move ahead
Try to get his dreams come true
I know this year is going to be tuff
but I count on a set of people who I know will be with me
Above all Acha is still with me in a more powerful role
With his principles embossed in my heart
I move forward
Cautiously but Courageously.....

Ps.Thank God for all the support my mom and I are getting for the past weeks.....The support has given us strength we barely knew we had. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

By Hook or Crook

I am wondering how to get hold of a cook....
  • I tried getting one from an agency but they seem to be very expensive and the reviews seem to be bad
  • I tried to get hold of somebody from the neighborhood. No Luck.
  • I tried asking our driver to get hold of someone.He is still searching.
What to do???????Let's see if I can get one by the end of this week. I have to.

Ps. Dependence roots from the inability to perform or delegate. Ok Ok... or pure laziness. But this is different. Amma is the one who is doing all the cooking and she needs help.  

Monday, October 31, 2011

And the month is over!

- After Acha had his new medicines he seems a bit better.Hoping for the best.
- We are still hunting for a cook to ease Amma's tension and tire
- M has been traveling all through October. He says he hates it but I know he secretly loves it.I wish I could travel like him.
- Am *preparing for an exam. oops! I forgot to add a few more words * 'supposed to be'. I've not touched the books.
- Achu has and is busy with school, rain holidays, no rain holidays,diwali holidays,drawing class and playing with his neighbors

Ps: It has been one month and I didn't know I hadn't posted a single thing....The month got divided into 4 very busy weeks which in turn were filled with last-minute days......and whoosh! October 2011 gone forever!!!!!