Monday, October 31, 2011

And the month is over!

- After Acha had his new medicines he seems a bit better.Hoping for the best.
- We are still hunting for a cook to ease Amma's tension and tire
- M has been traveling all through October. He says he hates it but I know he secretly loves it.I wish I could travel like him.
- Am *preparing for an exam. oops! I forgot to add a few more words * 'supposed to be'. I've not touched the books.
- Achu has and is busy with school, rain holidays, no rain holidays,diwali holidays,drawing class and playing with his neighbors

Ps: It has been one month and I didn't know I hadn't posted a single thing....The month got divided into 4 very busy weeks which in turn were filled with last-minute days......and whoosh! October 2011 gone forever!!!!!