Thursday, October 29, 2009

One Year of Blogging!

I jus realised its been a year since I started blogging....Not many blogs but the thought that some of my feelings have been voiced out right here gives me a good feeling.....

What  this one year of blog world did to me
  • Made me realise how special certain otherwise forgetable moments are in life
  • Made me laugh and cry with so many other bloggers who shared a piece of their lives with me
  • Made me happy to find so many like minded strangers in the real world...a big relief :)
  • Made me a better giving me a place to vent out and be me
PS. Hoping to blog for life......:)

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Who Ate My Heart ?

Well it was sunday and it was special since I found my self inclined towards making some puris for breakfast. This event doesn't really happen unless saturday has treated me well...

After all the effort and time I had rolled out around 14 - 15 puris for 3 adults and 1 child....
I fried the puris which were multidimensional....Don't know when I will master the art of getting a circular puri/chappathi ...I never tried to master it anyway...who cares...It should fit the pan/tawa..It should cook...It should taste good....that's a necessity...nothingelse is  :)

And when I was half done ....a shape jus popped out of one of the puris I placed in the boiling oil that made my girlish mush shriek out....A Heart... A Heart...

Well there wasn't a soul around....M and achu were fast I picked up my camera phone and clicked the I bow down to u...for this moment could not have been cherished if it wasn't for u....:)

I had to go out leaving the duo at home that Sunday so I left the breakfast on the table and left... I did mention the heart puri to M who seemed more engrossed in those papers which propagate more of violence than peace ...God save the world and MEN....if we Women can't do it... that is :b

As I was heading to my destination...I got a call on my mobile....( techie scores again )....M said " Hey can I eat ur Heart?"..I said with the same girlish giggle "oh yes u can" :):):):):)

PS. Some moments in life are so litle that it might jus go unnoticed ...grab it and cherish this one makes me wonder if M dear really wanted to sound mushy..or was it that he was reconfirming just to make sure I don't blast him when I get back and find my heart missing ...whatever it is....The moment made my sunday a total funday

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Random Happenings

  • A Heart Felt Prayer answered. Thank You God
  • Getting totally blank sometimes...not knowing what to do next...
  • M going to Sabarimala so we started being veggies from 26.10.09
  • Having the mild headache I have, it skipped a month and now is back....:(
  • A hunt for a cook remains just that - a hunt
  • Finally drafted a weekly menu....yet to implement it...maybe from next week 
  • I have this one little phrase that keeps popping in my mind " miles to go" which translates to "things to do" in raw terms....  
PS. Thanks again God......Can't imagine how many things can go wrong if u didn't exist....Thank Heavens the atheist is wrong..

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Masakali-ing in Delhi

What I did
  • My first trip to the capital .We stayed at The Park  where the Rooms were impractically classy and the Food sumptuously yummy 
  • The initial 2 days had us in total greenery while the remaining 3 days  we understood that every city had its greens and greys 
  • Visited the Red Fort, Qutub Minar ( yeah right from the history books to reality it jus popped out....) and the India Gate
  • didn't do any shopping as we felt there wasn't much of a difference ...maybe we needed somebody who knew where to go....we shuffled our way through the shop filled lanes of  Palika bazaar and the like 
  • I really wanted to sink my teeth into some hot jelebis and local cuisine but couldn't :(
  • Went to Delhi - 6.... wanted to do the Masakali dance but restrained ;) ( the maturity meter)  didn't stop me from humming the song.....over and over again
PS. If the Destination be Delhi then the Project is Jelebis ;b ( can hear my M go " is there anything other than food that crosses your mind ????)