Monday, August 8, 2011

Mixed Fillings

Each day is filled with varied moments...some sweet and some spicy.........
  • I am a suryanamaskar-ist now :). It is so simple and effective. That's what they say.
  • A, my childhood buddy met with an accident a couple of days back. She is my yoga companion as well. She's got a fracture and so the both of us have decided to start after shes ok. Atleast that's what I want to do. She has been forcing me to continue.But I don't want to do it without sure are going to get well soon di. My prayers are with you. I miss meeting A terribly :(
  • Went for S's second's birthday. Met up with a bunch of gal friends after a long time. Needed more time to dissect each others lives but hey we did start :)
  • Acha's follow up is coming up again.Tension mounts. Hoping all those levels are favorable ones.
  • Achu has a couple of days off this week and the next. He is growing up to be a whining,exploring,talkative darling...He takes turns in being them one at a time...
  • Amma is Amma....everything more nothing less
  • M ....I am in one of those moods when I shouldn't be writing anything. 
  • Me?...Am fine but wondering if everybody's life is as complicated as mine.........
Ps. Yet again I understand that life is a dependency game. One minute you are totally independent, strong and motivated and the next minute you are made to be a shoulder seeking measly weakling... 

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