Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Stars across the Horizon

Simbu :

Looks clean and well dressed. His restricted facial expressions and dialogue delivery resembled Kamalahasan. Good dancing since he consciously restrained himself from having 'that' expression he usually has when he dances.

Trisha : 

Pretty .The costumes were fresh...with a predominance of the starched,pinned cotton saree look...on a positive note...I have this strange feeling its going to get a good sum of gals to try their hand on tying the saree rather than the usual salwar kameez. Acting wise trisha is a natural and the role requires jus that.

Ganesh ( Simbu's Friend):

Neat performance. I loved him.Crisp,Calm and Witty.


I didn't have any prelude to the songs so it didn't create much of an impact in my mind. though the slow part in 'Hosanna' and 'Omana Penne' did want me to listen to the songs again. With A R Rehman the problem is that you tend to like his music only when u keep listening to them again and again....

Gautam : 
  • Wonderfully and full of pouring a chilled glass of water on your face on a hot summer day...
  • Gautam's choreography was monotonous....All the songs had  the 'Velinilave' song in 'Vetteyadhu Vilayadhu' feel...Look what Prabudeva did to the songs of  'Minsara Kanavu' and Brindha/Raju Sundaram did to 'Kandukondein Kandukondein'.....
  • I was waiting for a story to be told ...and there wasn't any...the first half had Simbu saying Yes and Trisha saying No...Then there was Simbu and Trisha saying Yes and her dad saying the No...then again Trisha saying No...And then...and then....chodo yaar...
Did I enjoy?

Yes I did. I enjoy every movie I choose to watch. I was telling my buddies that I would have loved the movie if I was 10 years younger ...the romantic scenes were shot beautifully...P( my school friend) was infact supporting the ending and I too agree that 90% of the gals would do just what Trisha did....

I enjoyed every bit of the popcorn,cola and puff ( Sponsored by my dear brother K who is an equal movie buff and knows the bond between food and movies)...and longed for something sweet....didn't express it for I know my fate...M would glare at me in with supressed intentions in mind I gulped down the remaining Cola.

And So
  • For the romantic...its love at first sight
  • For the music lover....its love after a few replays
  • For the is a search (for story) full of light and colour 
  • For is all of the above and filled my and tummy
PS. In Tota though M mentioned that I should not be giving weightage to the name Gautam when I choose a movie....I would still go for a movie he takes.... its different from the usual stuff....and btw am going for it again with my gal friends this time ..not that I want to watch the movie again...but with the company and treats am sure to enjoy :)   

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Movie Buff in me

Excitement reaches unforeseen heights each time I book tickets for a movie....I love watching movies...and its more fun when its in a dark room with blaring sound AND eats unlimited.

What I like
  • 3 hrs of disconnection from the outer world
  • into the world of fantasy
  • usually get to the theater early but sometimes (mostly) we wade thru dark shadows - our mobile lites the only aid
  • I remember the documentaries that used to be shown before the movie starts....patriotic ones...then there were these jewelery ads and saree ads.....
  • buttered popcorn,puff,cake,coke,coffee, the ice cream cones with watery vanilla and anything worth munching and gulping down without bating an eyelid
  • the executive sofa @ sangam ...cosy :)....( seemed quite low the last time round...excess wear and tear?)
  • the 'side' comments from the 'fronters' and whistles that welcome heroes and heroines with equal 33% here I should say:b
  • happy, comic, full of love, colors and english,hindi,malayalam,tamil and anyother lingo with subtitles ... movies should take you to another joyful land and bring you back like nothing had really happened...though I have watched tearjerkers and been touched by certain movies I prefer the jolly ones...
  • after the movie and a whole bunch of strangers will have one memory in common...the movie you jus watched!
What I dislike
  • Going after 15 minutes of the movie...
  • The smell of yucky smoke when I go to collect my eats supply...don't care for yourself fine ...what do we passive smokers do ???? grrrr....Men have to pee and smoke anywhere and everywhere...shameful
  • Nothing good to munch on...A Disaster :(
  • bad uncomfortable seats...I never go back to that theater
  • When there is more of noise than sound
  • the movie has a lot of action....I hate fights..No horrors for me... why pay money to scare yourself !!!!!
Does M like movies ?Yes. But...
  • you will have to ask him a zillion times , convince him the movie is a 'watchable' type,book the tickets, remind him a billion times 
  • and then he will come ...with the most uninterested look on his face.
  • when its time to get the yummy stuff he turns around and says its crowded ,"do you want anything?!!!!!!", jus had dinner , "why so much of stuff" and "I have only 2 hands"...
  • if the movie doesn't catch his fancy ...the usual " I told u so..." dialogue creeps up ..
If your asking me..why take him along
  • I have no other option
  • I am married to him and am still trying to get him to be the movie buff  I happen to be 
  • And if the going gets tuff ...the tuff get going....I go with my friends....
PS. Once upon a time I took Achu for this horrible movie( assuming its a comedy) and from that day he refuses to enter a now I have to get my amma to look after achu while we go for a movie....and we live happily ever after :D

Thursday, March 11, 2010

What rules the mind right now?

Everything is a rush....the day is slow but it is mind always blurts out 'What next?' ....I am slow ...I am blank....My mind lacks direction..I keep mumbling.... .get angry very fast....and I don't know why but I keep telling 'Yendhu cheyan?' ( what to do?) for no reason at all!!!!!!..but if I have to list out the things I want to do....
  • Holiday with my family or atleast with my lil fella
  • Meet up with friends 
  • Wake up at 10.00 am and still have nothing to do
  • Have long uninterrupted conversations with friends 
  • Declutter.... not out of interest but purely out of need
Ps. Not that I am overworked....A sense of void has taken over me for quite sometime now....I lack the drive and seem pretty lost in this little world of mine

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

No Blog Season

I am not blogging.....The reasons being

- no time when there is a PC
- no PC when there is time
- no thoughts when there is time and PC

What to do??????