Thursday, February 10, 2011

Pondy Trip - Part 1

Am sorry its almost going to be a year. I just fished this out from the innumerable incomplete blogs I hold....

We are a batch of 5 school friends who don’t miss a chance to meet . Our last meet proves how much fun we have when we are together.

This time we decided our husbands should meet too. And then it all began….

Innumerable calls to decide on the who,when where what how …

Who: P with husband N and twins V and N; A with husband Pr and kid Ak; U with husband B and kid N and G ( that’s me J..) with husband M and kid Achu…C couldn’t make it since she has a school to run
When : May 1st …since it was a holiday …we had a whole weekend before us
Where : Pondicherry…because our men wanted long drives
What : We were to have fun, enjoy the sea at a resort and visit places in pondy
How: 2 cars would be enough …M and N would drive….later Pr decided to drive too…so it was 3 cars so that P and family could comfortably come in a car

The Plan : To leave city early Saturday morning, have breakfast and reach the resort by afternoon , have lunch, relax, go to the beach in the evening, out for dinner. On Sunday go to POGO land (theme park)  in the morning , have lunch, Visit the Sunday market , check out and drive back to Chennai after stopping over at Mayajal if time permits.

Should Mention : While M,N and Pr weren’t very sure things would go as planned B helped in the planning. He surveyed all the available resorts with P( who even sent out her team member to personally check the places…thank u Mr.J  ), U and me and booked 4 rooms at @Nalla Resort …If this mention should instigate some interest in the other husbands the next time round I will be happy ( with the 1/zillionth chance of them reading this blog) 

A week before : A was worried Ak had a bad cold and fever…but we told her there was one week for recovery….

Two days away  : P backs out stating N has to work through the weekend (she did warn us to begin with but I was sure we would make it …all of us ).

One day before :P’s status didn’t seem to have any improvement and things were getting worse. A  was also in two minds but then P convinced A to make it and A agreed. So it was A, U and Me with P on hold.

 Nope its not on D Day that things changed …its still one day before and 10.00 pm:

Cell Rings 1
Its P: Ponne leave it di . Am out. There’s no way I can make it. N is still hugging the laptop . The kids want to come but am sure its not going to happen.
Me: Hey don’t worry am sure N will get it all done.
P: No no am bugged . It’s not going to happen. I told you. You gals have fun.
Me: Let’s hope for the best…we will be expecting you anytime di….even if we leave you can catch up with us ok?
P: Sigh….fine
M gives me the “ I knew it look”

Cell Rings 2
A: Ponneee ( I hate that tone and I knew whats coming up)…A is sick di…was thinking will surely come but then A vomited and has a slight temperature.
Me: huh! ( Immense sadness engulfed my mind…though we agreed upon backing up if our children fell ill and I totally understood that if this had happened to me I would have backed out …some part of my brain and the whole of my heart failed to register the scene)
A: Sorry di …U gals go
Me: A ….please di see if he gets better and come…P backed off…now its you…P might come di…pleaseeeee
A: I thought I will di but…..
Me: softly….ok A bye
A: Have a nice time
Me : sigh
M is packing , asks me what happened and gives me a smirk…hah!

Cell rings 3:
U: Hey ponne packing over?
Me: Both of them are not coming …sniff sniff… I hate planning ….
U: Oh! Its ok G let’s go…let’s have fun….I have packed wanted to ask you what all u have packed…and whether you need anything else
Me: Though biologically I was having a very bad headache (yeah the usual gal thingy) and philosophically my mind was filled with disappointment….this gals attitude and B’s preparations made me say “yes ponne packing all done and let’s jus go” 

U and B made it a point to get themselves prepared for the trip right from day one. U called me and told me B had asked her to prepare a list of the things required and she reminded me what all should be taken. 

Cell doesn’t ring …I send a message to all the others that voiced the pain in planning and getting disappointed…pretty rude on my part I should say...but I couldn’t help it. ….

to be continued.....

Ps. Don't ask me when am gonna complete this series.....

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just an Update

  • Acha not feeling well after his trip to Kerala. He came back with a bad allergy and is feeling all drained out.
  • Amma has a bad cold and coff but still has the routine work of feeding 5 mouths and setting their day for them
  • MIL is sick and we don't know what is wrong. Hoping a few tests get things clear and she can get the right medication.
  • Achu has a coff and cold . Maybe from Amma. He is enjoying his sick leave. 
  • At work things are pretty hectic with a few deadlines cleared at the moment.
  • Our flat needs to be cleaned up and a million chores pending 
  • M and I shuttle between check ups, school, office and homes
  • A sort of unrest prevails all around
  • Its really peaceful to get into bed and dream through the a different world
  • M and I still find small reasons to smile about ...but all of a sudden things seem not quite good
  • God's presence is felt ...
  • Prayers Prayers Prayers
Ps. There are so many decisions to take during the next few weeks....Have our fingers crossed and Holding onto God