Friday, September 16, 2011

What's been happening?

  • Acha's reports are not good. Prayers please. We have been given a weeks time to show better results. If they don't turn out good then we have to try other 'side effect' filled doses of medicines :(
  • Amma and I are in search of the perfect cook.Help us!
  • M is just being his normal self. 
  • Achu and I are waiting for his holidays. A long week to go
  • Gopa anna came for a week.Had his interview. Took us for a movie.'Mangatha'.The sum total of all the violence I have seen all through my life plus a bit more equalled the movie!...Not gory though. Would rate it with an ok.The break witnessed us having some pop corn iced tea coffee and coke ( Yeah! considering the eataholic I am this was very meager since I kept myself away from Mayo and the like). For dinner - Gopa anna had some Hot & Sour Soup , M Appam and milk and me some horrible kothu barotta.For desert G and I had yummy Ice creams while M had a glass of mango juice.
  • Missing having a brother or sister :(.....
Ps. Its a life that is moving on slowly......majorly -cautiously and hopefully.......with a sprinkling of sunshine here and there.....