Friday, April 29, 2011

Time Machine

Early in the morning I heard a car back up tune and it brought back memories.

Made in India by Alisha Chinai. Sigh! I still remember getting introduced to Indian Pop with this song. So as I was saying, this sudden flashback has lent me a strong urge to write about the songs that still make me smile or tap my feet.Here's the list not exactly in chronological order
That was so nice.Recollecting all those singers and songs, am feeling young again. Going back to the age when films,songs,dance,exams,friends and food  were the only concerns in life......Sigh!

PS. Songs are really Time machines.:)


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Venus Calling

My FB Status message today "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus....High time we got back to our own Planets :b"
 Totally upset over how men  get to be total %^&* and still get away with it.
I haven't been verbal about it but I need to vent
Most of the men in my life ...
  • feel they deserve what they get and so are never grateful
  • find it demeaning to request/ask so they only demand
  • never listen but need total attention when they drop a word or move a toe
  • claim to be always right so the other side happens to be always wrong
  • swear that being loud = being right
  • hate shopping with women or claim to hate it  
  • underestimate women...on second thoughts...underestimates everything except self (which stands totally over estimated )
  • never admit their solutions came from sources other than their grey cells ( unless they want to flatter someone)
  • can't whisper and want the whole world to know they are on the phone
  • are untidy and feel their gender doesn't allow them to tidy up
  • can't digest failure or swallow success
  • have a king sized bloated ego ( make that a capital B and E) and a pea sized brain (conservative in all dimensions)  
    Self respect is healthy until it starts eating away another person's respect.I am so unlucky that a majority of the men I meet happen to fall under more than one of the above points.Even the most humblest man needs to be acknowledged that he is humble.I have heard that a lot of money was spent so that Mahatma Gandhi could live a simple life :)
    Venus, here I come.......
    Ps. Why haven't I mentioned about women? That's for men to write about.
    Why haven't I mentioned any good about men?...Simply because I'm in no mood to zoom the minuscule
    Gee! Just when I thought I wouldn't be complaining anymore......

Monday, April 25, 2011

Bitter - Sweet

Relationships today can be categorized by the way they deal with the money they earn. Gone are the days when the man managed the money and the woman managed the home. The percentage of earning women has risen. That’s where a bitter sweet relationship is born. Its sweet because the inflow is more and bitter because of the complexities it brings with it.

How do double income families manage their money?

Husband and Wife Situation
In the long run this breeds discontent.
A fixed amount given  to spouse who manages all expenses
Confusion during higher expenditure months. Savings for the family are left out.
Joint account with fixed sums transferred every month out of which both of them spend for the family while individual expenses are done out of their personal accounts
Individually for self and out of joint account for children
Workable. A total business set up.
One of them spends for a period. Then there is a shift.
The other saves for a period. Then there is a shift.
Workable until the  trust and commitment in the relationship lasts.
Separate accounts but well communicated expense structure keeping in mind the tax implications
Saving is done to benefit the family and both individuals
Perfect plan for the perfect couple

The above situations are the few I have come across. There maybe many more arrangements. It is sad to see how calculative relationships can be. The older generation is quite surprised with the  present systems  that exist between a couple. I would advice couples to talk about their finances before they get married rather than to wait for the initial generous phase to wear out and reveal the ugly discontent , before taking any action.Any thing less than the total transparent approach will lead to problems somewhere down the line.

Exceptions: Where there is love and love only I guess none of the above factors would affect the couple’s spending and saving pattern. Sigh!

Friday, April 22, 2011


I am denied the right to complain because....
  • I have my mother who is doing so much of work from 5.00 am to 12.00 am and doesn't grumble at all!!!
  • I have my father who has been having health issues for the past 2 years and still has his attitude strong in place
  • I have my son who is a totally cranky five year old only when he is hungry or sleepy - otherwise he is an absolute gem 
So I am going to
  • compulsively stop complaining
  • look up to the 3 individuals when I am tempted to
  • keep myself constructively occupied
Wish me luck :)

Ps. Updates of "constructively occupied" will follow :D

Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Son

His birth was
just a biological event
Born with him
a thousand emotions
and ever rising
Feeding him
With shares
his and hers
He grew
into a charming lad
Old enough to graze
Her eleven cows

It was his birthday
And she had added
another cow
To count to his age
As the special supper
sumptuously simmered
Cows the whole dozen
Were back in time
cowherd astray
That fateful day
she lost her dear
The line of control
he unknowingly crossed
She fought
With shadows
at blurring heights
Talks held
Treaties flipped
All in vain
Each night
her pillows wet
Each dawn
Her wait begun
A childless mother
a nightmare she
refused to accept

One by one
The cattle count grew
She never failed
her practice
It kept her well
at body and mind
All the prayers
All the love
All those years
of endless hope
brought back her son
Bodily weak
but strong within

Came back to
his loving mother
and cattle...
a double dozen.

 I sketched this picture years ago on the computer. Started out with a black canvas and then worked out the whites. Its a very easy technique. :)  

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Short Stories- Butterflies

This is more of an essay. Was supposed to be a Woman's Day post. :)


Lalitha with one year old Gowri clinging on to her took small but fast steps towards the house she visited ritually for the past 5 years. She was the sun’s clock, for as she knocked at the large gold painted iron gates of ‘Ashanivas’, the sun leisurely rose. She placed the bag of freshly strung jasmine on the gate and hurriedly left. Her husband and four school going kids would wake up and demand their morning breakfast of yesterday’s rice soaked in water flavored with green chilly, before they dispersed for their busier day.

Shantha nodded as lalitha smiled and said “See you tomorrow sister” before she took the turn. They had no time to have their 5 minute gossip session today. Shantha took the cover, opened the gate walked across the dew coated grass, placed the flowers and the milk cover she brought in the blue and white jute bag in front of the large teak door. After this she had to go to the school where she worked as an attendant. She was lucky the management sponsored her last daughter’s education. There wasn’t a day that passed without her being worried about how she would get all the 5 of them married into good homes. That was all that mattered after the ruthlessly fast electric train killed her poor drunkard husband.

Ambiga wished she could continue her bountiful dream. The warm morning breeze sucked her back to the vacuous reality. She picked up the straw broom placed tactfully behind the water pump. With a bucket of hard water and mug filled with snow-white rice powder she waddled across the stoned pathway and out of the gate. As she engaged in the sweep and sprinkle routine, her mind travelled miles away to the brown cattle-plough strewn moist grounds that transformed to golden crop-laden fields. She created the most complicated designs on the wet mud with her work-worn fingers. It has been a decade since she left the little hut that housed her father, sister and two brothers. She was the eldest and deemed to be God’s child. This meant she didn’t have the right to marry and would have to serve her family until death. When Janaki brought her home she had made sure the boys were independent and married off her little sister. Today everything she earned was sent every month to her family. She wanted nothing but her dreams.

Janaki knew Ambiga would dilly - dally her morning duties so she quickly freshened up and came down the wooden stairs. There was a long list of chores to be done and delegated. Her mind had imprinted the menu for the day. Her day primarily consisted of doing the pooja, cooking, cleaning, watching a bit of TV, having a nap after lunch, pooja and cooking again. She placed the flowers in the pooja room and the milk on the stove. “Ambiga, Come in fast. You don’t have the whole day to clean.” she screamed while getting the vegetables, cereal and dough out of the refrigerator.

Little Asha in her little blue pinafore and white shirt came and hugged her grandmother. “I want my glass of rose milk, now” she cried. Janaki consoled the little one with a kiss and gave her an apple to nibble on. “Apple every day doctor goes away” sang a very distracted Asha.“ Preetha come down and get your daughter’s milk ready will you” yelled an otherwise very patient Janaki. Her husband would be here any moment after his half mile walk. She had to keep the newspaper, tea and ginger biscuits ready.

Preetha was getting her wet hair braided after her two minute bath. She had a meeting to attend at half past nine exactly 7 kms away from the mirror she stood in front of. She monotonously wore what her hands could find rummaging her textile teeming closet. She cursed herself for watching that romantic comedy on TV the previous night and applied a bit of kajal on her sleep deprived eyes. “Come on baby let’s go to school” she said stuffing her mouth with diet cereal and tapping her recently acquired iPad with rapt attention.  

The day had just begun and these butterflies flutter in life’s wild garden, with similarities and differences so colorful making it a Beautiful life.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

When cricket happens...

  • the boys are busy and are attracted to the same sex for company
  • the girls are busy feeding them with intervals of  tea and bites ( we hate it!)
  • otherwise the girls are just catching up on gossip at peace ( we love it)
  • the roads are empty
  • the mannequins dressed in team attire
  • Ind Vs Pak equates to be more than just a game
  • but the sales people at shops go blank
  • the eardrum receives endless streams of commentaries
  • the office is as silent as the match is
  • the Alt and Tab keys suffer
  • if your status msg doesn't have cricket you are ignored
  • every advertisement has to feature a cricketer
  • the remote has a single owner
  • the whole nation's patriotic veins pop-out
PS. While my whole world is watching cricket I type....All the hype never gets to me...After all its just another game! 

UPDATE: Well yes I am here to tell you that I got bitten by the Cricket bug. It was a great match afterall. The Sri Lankans were equally deserving and that made the win more meaningful. For once I was happy we won and sad the Lankans lost. It would take another over hyped  series and finals to get me talking about cricket again.

My FB Status read "Cricket hasn't been my favorite game.Always wondered why there had to be so much of a hype. Every advertisement has a cricketer, shops selling the team attire, the India-Pak match given final match status(!!!) and equating cricket to patriotism. Yesterday it happened to me.The cricket bug bit me and bit me hard :).One more reason to be a proud Indian.Winning against an equally wonderful team Sri Lanka made the victory meaningful. It was a game and I enjoyed it.The Comedy is that the players will be given demi-god status until the next flop show they put up.So Blue Boys soar high until India wonders why.JAI HIND!"