Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Last Minute

Last minute studying
Last minute packing
Last minute shopping
Last minute filing
Last minutes are the minutes that actual matter to me
December will be done in another 15 days!!!!!!
Then we have a New Year ...
Quick .....No time to lose
The things that I am doing
Need to be done.

PS. My mind speaks thus.....ever heard of year-end resolutions?

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Here are few things M gifted me that are lying in some safe corner of our multidimensional home....
  • Camera: The major attraction being the PINK cover -  I have a Nokia 5MP camera phone then why do I need to carry another camera around?
  • Laptop: While I wanted a small handy one he got me a mega sized monster with all the multimedia stuff. He was upset I complained and sold the Dino.
  • Ipod: I like it but am not gizmo enough to use it. Load it and give me and I will use it. I hate the whole process of charging and downloading stuff.
  • Pearl Sets: They have found their second home in my closet which is better than their old fashioned oyster home.Haven't really found 'that' occasion to disturb them.   
  • Salwar suit materials from Jaipur and the likes - I stitch stuff only when I have a function or a trip coming up in the next 24 hrs. The materials he got me range from the 'I-dont-like' shades to the 'kewl' shades so I am either disinterested to stitch it or jittery about how the tailor will stitch it. You need to be a gal to understand this bit. And if you still can't figure out the fuss you need to be me.
PS. Today was trying to use the Ipod he got me :) That's when I thought I need to blog. Do I sound ungrateful ? :) I have got gifts I have loved as well. Ranging from lovely perfumes, watches, clothes, phones to perfect holidays.....and I totally know that the intention behind all the above mentioned yet-to-use gifts is Love and Love only...but then hey am wife material and whining happens to be my birth right :D    

    Monday, November 29, 2010


    I am worthless
    I know.
    I am lethargic
    to change.
    The heart wants
    to make a difference
    each day.
    The mind quivers
    and pains.

    Around me
    The Efficient live.
    I admire
    and unfazzled
    I remain.
    With doors
    many open
    I shut my
    eyes tight.........!

    Ps. Worthless me....Forgive me Lord for I am wasting the gifts....forgive me!

    Saturday, November 27, 2010

    The TV, Movies & Me

    Of late I have been catching up with a few shows and old/new movies...on TV and at the mall

    I hate Luv Storys : No I don't :)...I actually love mushy movies with a tint of comedy. This one was ok. Imran is cute. As an actor ?...well this movie didn't require much on that front. Sonam Kapoor has got a very open smile...don't know if its fake but it good :D. The story is about a girl who is 'Girly' and a boy who is 'Boyish' and how they ...ahem! fall in love..what else did u expect?
    Rating: 2/5

    Wake up Sid : Same as above...Discovered that Ranbir can actual act! This story had something more than just a love story. A few tit bits about how easy the present generation (who have their fathers/mothers purse) looks at life, lack of discipline, lack of interest/confidence towards finding your true calling, friends, parents. I liked it. Konkana as the independent and patient friend turned lover is a terrific actor.
    Rating: 3/5

    Om Shanti Om: Am not gonna talk about king khan.:)...This is a movie I have watched tiny bits here and there. So when I had the time to watch the movie as a whole...I did just that :). Don't ahve anything to say. Its a total hindi movie that's all. I like the title song with all the stars. Catchy music and very colourful.
    Rating: 2/5

    Watched a few episodes of Emotional Athyachar , Big Switch, Koffee with Karan,Australian Master Chef and Modern Family : Don't look at me like that :)....
    The first 2 were pathetic but one does get carried away you know. I might just watch it again if I have absolutely nothing else to do.
    KK was entertaining. And since I got to watch the show with Ranbir and Imran immediately after watching their movies, I liked the show even better.
    AMC is good but I like to watch a cookery show without so many breaks and so this show won't figure on my list.Because when you browse through the other channels during the ads and get back to AMC you would have missed a couple of primary steps .Right?    
    Modern Family is really good. P told me it was so when I got that channel on my wish (coff coff) dish list I watched and loved it.

    Endiran: What the hell am I doing ???? Writing about  Thalaivar's movie after 3 hindi movies!!!!!! Offence huh?  Late-a vandhalum latestdhane? ( Even if its late its the latest)
    Technically good. At Rajini's age I hope I could do one millionth of what he graphically can do! Ash is lovely but she's the over exposed beauty....have been seeing too much of her (Nah! not flesh wise) that she's lost the charm she had in 'Kandukondein Kandukondein'.

    PS. I have been denying my body the usual 8 hrs of beauty sleep to do all of the above...and it shows. Maybe next week I'll take a break from the idiot box and get back Break Ke Baadh ;b

    Tuesday, November 23, 2010

    An Update

    • Amma finished her sabari mala trip and is back with a very bad flu. The trip went on well and she had a very good darshan.
    • While amma was away I had to 'manage' the house. Its not that easy when it includes managing 3 brats ( Acha, M and Achu) who don't have any intersections I could take advantage of. I didn't do very well but I 'managed' to live through...yes they did too.
    • Acha had his normal medical check up. The results are yet to come. Slightly worried with what the Doc is going to say. Prayers.
    • M left to Jaipur today. He should be back in two days.The roads seem smooth and we are making total use of the very little times we agree on things....watching movies,visiting malls, shopping, hunting for flats, test driving, planning holidays....Its been good for the 2 of us.
    • Achu actually loves it when am around.This guy doesn't show how much he misses me when am not there.I bunked office for a couple of days last week as amma was away and found out.  He takes these little breaks from play to come, search for me,hug me and kiss me...now how sweet is that. I love this fella. He is an absolute darling. Sometimes I just feel i need to stop working , stop his nanny and take over looking after him 100%.
    • Work front ..am being lazy. Not getting the drive to complete things. This is causing alot of problem. Will set things right by this weekend. I hope to. 

    Ps. Life is slow. I like it that way. Hoping it remains the same cause I know how things can change in a sec.

    Thursday, November 11, 2010

    Life ?

    This is not a happy blog....2 days and I have heard of 3 souls who have departed

    Sri Thulasi - He managed our family temple in Trivandrum  Thozhuvankode Sri Chamundi Devi Temple for more than 35 years. He is behind the temple's disciplined growth.He still will. Early yester morning he went to pray. He fell at the feet of Devi and passed away.

    Suresh - He is an AC mechanic. A very hard worker and would come to office and home every now and then to assemble a new AC ,service the ones we have or to answer a complaint. Everytime we had a 'AC related anything' it would be " Suresh-e kupidhungo" ( Call Suresh ). Just met him 2 weeks back at office while he was servicing and had requested him to come home to fix an AC in Achu's room.Now whose going to do that! :(

    M's Relative - I had met her in Trivandrum some 6 years back. Just once. A very warm person. She has left us too.

    All so sudden ...too sudden
    Some people you meet often ...some you don't
    Some people work around you and for you...some don't
    Its all the same lost feeling when they leave you
    I hate this feeling

    Ps. ...........I hate this feeling.:(

    Tuesday, November 9, 2010

    The Solitude Bandit

    Being a single child
    Isolation in life went wild
    Slowly I evolved to love it
    Today am a solitude bandit

    To get that little time
    I strive and whine
    While its war at work
    To-dos at home lurk

    Company I surely need
    But my space a bit more indeed
    Loaded with overlapping tasks
    I must adorn multiple masks

    Lost am I in my own busy world
    With people and thoughts distinctively blurred
    Today loneliness is a myth
    Meet me, the Solitude Bandit

    PS. No this is not the poem I mentioned about in my last post . This one just popped out when a friend of mine wrote about wanting company....and I wrote "Here's my version of  not having ,then having and then wanting to not have any company. But I guess there needs to be a balance. While you need a 'with ppl' break I just need a 'without ppl' break :)  

    Search Warrant

    "Search and you will find
    Something good in every kind"

    Me penned down those lines a decade ago when a random id friend on chat asked me how I could be silent when slashed at and respond in a positive note over a sour incident ( oh don't even bother to ask ...what happens when you morph a hypersenstive ego boosted attention seeking id with a inteligent conversation?...a syn(c)tax error :)...it doesn't work plus you have a ammonia filled chatroom! ). It didn't mean much...much it got me thinking.

    If you feel anything negative about a person always try to find the many/few things you like about him/her and loving the person will not be tuff anymore. It works. Try it.  

    Its my turn today.

    Acha: He is hard working, filled with love,doesn't care of what people talk about him, continues to do good to every person he can afford to help even if the person doesn't deserve it. His faith in God supreme. He is Mr.Postive.

    Amma: Selfless *full stop*
    M: This is tuff  :).He is a perfectionist. My personal gadget guru.Good companion for a road trip.Gives me my space.

    FIL: He is straightforward, loving and genuine.
    MIL: Her number one priority is family 
    BIL: He is so good with kids. The best mama any kid can have.
    CoS: Soft spoken
    SIL: A person with presence of mind and inner strength
    CoB: Calm and have never seen him 'show' his anger!!!

    That felt so good :)

    This blog will be too long if I have to type out all the postivity around me ( wow! isn't that wonderful )

    Next time you try ...and tell me about it.

    Ps. Actually I think I even wrote a poem when I realised these lines meant so much to me ..will search for it and put it up too. 

    Wednesday, November 3, 2010

    Light up and Lighten Up

    The preparations for the festival of lights fills up every corner with excitement...

    The Outside
    - Clients come in with sweet boxes rather than the usual IT letters and everybody has the 'holiday' mood attitude at work
    - every street has a cracker shop where you witness pre teen boys accompanied by their grandpas or pas scrambling through the colourful covers to find 'the' fireworks for the season both parties equally excited and teens loitering around and getting hold of the 'fancy and fierce works' to show off their skills at the community celebration
    - its the season lighten your purse as well with offers innumerable...its the right time to get that LCD you wanted to watch Super singer on or the Smartphone you wanted to twitter on. Clothes in all textures and colours outline shops and eateries have never been so enticing with a kg of warm melting mysore pak free for a kg of anything else you get ..no there are no deductions allowed on the kgs you gain
    - find in each house the sparks of joy ...the joy of being together as a family....from skillfully placing and lighting lamps in directions to fight the wind , gossiping around  a dish-in-progress in the kitchen about 'other' ppl not really found in the house at the moment, watching the latest block buster re-telecasted for the 18th time on TV to sending that super fueled multi coloured rocket higher than the neighbours flowerpot.

    The Inside
    -Its dark I know but justifications I hold
    -Its the time to let go of all that the heart holds and remain happy
    -to start a new something...there's something associated to me feeling the urge to start something on every festival day....Don't know what :)
    - Hug the goodness in life....Hug it tight

    Ps. Light up and lighten up.......the season is clear :)

    Monday, November 1, 2010

    How do I look ?

    As a five year old.....
    - Dressy ? Yes. Because my mom force-dressed me for every occasion with pinks,lace,frills and all that's girly.
    - Did I look like a girl after all the effort? No.
    - Who influenced me? My brothers. So I was generaly tagging along wherever my cousin brothers went and did. Be it walking in mud, climbing trees, finding tadpoles and earthworms, being dirt itself  I religiously followed. And amma used to tell me I even started looking ( what is the opposite of biologically evolved ?) like one of them

    As a 10 year old...
    - Enlightened yet? Not really but the first signs of womenhood did surface. I was keen on how I behaved. Yeah the girly giggles and social networks (on a class to class basis) did begin. But still I wasn't the girl you would imagine.
    - Looks? Didn't matter still. Wasn't really consious of the way I looked - bugs bunny teeth et all!
    - Influences....Friends, mother and my cousins

    As a 15 year old...
    - What the story? The girl child has arrived :)...and in her teens...So its shopping with Amma, gossiping with friends about boys, TV and movies, wishing for sleep overs that never happened and holidays with cousins.
    - Looks in all dimensions mattered for I was short, fat, curly haired ( oh don't forget the frizz) and had my teeth caged..what more of a disaster do you need to destroy a gals teens???? 
    - Influences : Movies, Friends, Acha ( only on the professional angle) and Amma

    As a 20 year old..
    - Was happy with myself  except for the extra kilos and the glasses ( which I barely wore ) and the curly hair and the......oh that's a never ending list ye know!
    - Dressing mattered like never before to camoflouge the shortcomings and get that approval from friends...yeah only friends...Even if Amma said "Mole that's a shabby outfit" I would retort " But my friends loved it"
    - Influences : Very much the same Friends, Movies, Amma and Acha.....in that order :)..Infact I guess this was the little worls I lived in

    Now I leave the Age categorisation and shift to a walk through from where I left you to the present scenario...yeah another of those age related complexities I admit.

     I still had the unkept looks. I wondered how girls walked about 365 days of the year with shampooed ad-silky hair ,smooth hairless skin and a slim stature...sheshhhh! I was the opposite of all this and more.
    Not that I didn't try to look cared for... its just that I couldn't get that look. I was never fresh except for the brief 1/2 hr when we had classes at 6.15 am and I had to plait my wet hair tight, dripping with H2O that remained until it naturally evaporated giving birth to frizzy split ends.

    Professional upliftment and a job does so much to ones confidence level. It didn't do much to me. Firstly because my profession took me for a ride before I was bestowed with the qualification. So when I did finally acheive it ...it didn't really make a mark on my attitude ...good or bad I still don't know. And I was very much the dress up-only- for a special occasion.

    Then I got married and had to satisfy the Indian tradition of 'looking married' for a while...for a very little while ...until all the pre wedding grooming lasted ..It was back to being the 'sloppy'self  again..which included
    - Picking up the most reachable outfit out of the messy wardrobe
    - To powder or not to powder depended on the secs left out of the 5 minutes allotted for dressing
    - one pair of sandals and one bag however drab they are if they are working they work!
    - The max time I spend is on choosing earrings....I love earrings in all shapes and sizes :)

    Down the line motherhood became a reason for my ways....the weight gain was justified as well...so now you have a rolly polly ungroomed slop who haunted the house by walking around in oversized feeding nighties all day and night. The scene changed a bit after rejoining office but the shift was limited to the dress change from one XL to another....

    And I barely had any influences either. The only thing that mattered is the TIME

    Life today hasn't changed. ....I want to change but can't. I have orders,advice and requests to get the 'look'. But they all remain jus that
    and I remain....jus that.

    PS. Too long a blog huh!...jus to remind myself of one of the zillion things I need to work on.....:)

    Thursday, October 28, 2010

    The Hunt for a Home

    We still haven't got ourselves a decent place to call 'our' home...because I believe that M's house is 'his' home ...My house is 'my' home ...and Our House is 'our' home...and while a house in the middle of Chennai is quite unimaginable to get hold ..we have been in the look out for a decent apartment...in vain sighhhhhh!

    Definition of Decent ( Things we cannot compromise on) :
    1. Rent within our budget - why are budgets and rates inverse always!
    2. A seemingly spacious layout - Get in some sunlight builders and chuck the dingy corridors.
    3. Vasthu Compliant - gotya there didn't I :)
    4.  No Water Shortage - that's a necessity na.
    5. Not on the highest floor and GF or first is best or second is there's a third....The summers of chennai last a year and  if we are outta power its a pain to get grocery and water up...I don't wanna exercise those thin ( I hear thunder) thighs of mine and neither M's f(l)at tummy :D
    6. Parking - not the one liners where we end up early risers when the thatha on the third floor wants to go to the temple/station or wake up the early- to-bed crowd to park our tyres ..its always a 'carbane' for a bargain

    Added advantages :
    1. Security...who generally are within 65-95 yrs old but have learnt the art of 'locking' the gate without really locking it and can generally get you stuff  from the nearest store at .0000005m/hr ( On a serious note: I really pity these seniors who still have to work for their living )
    2. Play Area...sure am asking for too much...dream big they say!

    Added Attractions :
    1. Some kids of Achu's age around the block ....I wish... sighhhhh!
    2. Servants ...no explanation required no?

    After all the owner and agent talks and screening each of those places for the perfect place......our dear old neighbour at the old flat gave us a suggestion we are going to try...."The ironing fella round the corner...he will help you find a home" he said...

    Hoping this tip irons the crinkles out of our lives and gives us a warm home..... 

    Ps. More than us its my amma who is having a tuff time handling all the work. If we get a good flat she will have some time for herself....Prayers.

    Friday, October 15, 2010


    You didn't tag me art but I just wanted to blog on .....What are the (non- perfume/ non-cosmetics) smells you like?
    - Petrol....why I wonder
    - Mannvasanai ....during the first showers
    - Paint..not too strong though
    - Tulsi leaves and shambrani...divinity derived
    - Coffee....never fails to make me happy
    - Lemon/Earlgrey/Masala tea....am all perky and fresh after this drink
    - Fresh powdered babies ....a treat :D
    - Betel leaf...when crushed its got a very pungent end to it
    - Steam from the Iron while pressing clothes...some pleasure during the toil

    - Biriyani ...the spices.....basically anything to do with food...:b

    PS. Can keep adding to that list...its nice to just think about the things you like ...very relaxing :)

    Thursday, October 14, 2010

    I am Happy today...

    1. Acha had his follow up with his doctor today and things are FINE. Yipeeeeeeee! He is doing good. A Big Relief.
    2. Yesterday I had a wonderful evening with friends ( U, S and B) at U's Golu. Achu also had a gala time with N and M.
    3. On the work front deadlines have no meaning since we are done with all the files that needed attention.
    4. Have to get the office ready for Pooja. Its exciting to plan and execute something otherthan work, at office.
    5. God is watching over me :)
    Ps. Like I said today is beautiful...I am relishing each moment ...I am grateful to alot of family and friends...for there is nothing more peaceful than having a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean :)   

    Wednesday, October 13, 2010

    Some Juncture this is !

    Festivity vs Turbulence
    Faith vs Doubt
    Commitment vs Lethargy
    Life is all about twos.....
    At every point of time you are either there or here....
    From a broader time perspective ...you are always somewhere in the middle!
    But its the moment that matters
    That gives you the joy
    That gives you the hit
    Then time stabilises

    Ps. The 'you' here is me...the positives and negatives of life are getting me all confused and cluttered...will sort...give me the time....heart and mind....!   

    Saturday, September 25, 2010

    Waiting for October

    There are things happening in September....
    And am making them happen
    A few of the To-dos will vanish
    Though I wish all of them would
    October I pray will be
    A new beginning

    Ps. Will let out all that is september ...jus wait for a couple of days ok :)

    Wednesday, September 15, 2010

    Life Is Crazy and I love it that way.....

    Maybe I 've blogged about this before...but felt like doing it again. Was having a conversation with S and she triggered a sentence out of me which I loved so much because it was completely true. In a few moments my status msg on FB and Orkut was updated.....It read "Life is crazy and so are most of the ppl in it...BUT Count your blessings... Atleast you r Alive and Living !"

    How is life crazy?
    • My Acha is still recovering but wants to work for the whole day. For the past few days all of us have been trying to dissuade him from coming in the afternoons. But he has won the battle and only breaks for a couple of hours for lunch..crazy workaholic
    •  My Amma is crazy but she HAS to be because she has a zillion things to do in the given 24hrs...yup she is at home...but Home is where the work is!!!! Do I help? No...I help by not getting into her way while she's at it ( if she ever gets to read this I'm doomed :)...)
    • My M is crazy because I make him crazy. Wait ...don't get to conclusions fast. When you are husband M and wife G its always an eye for an eye..and a tooth for a tooth....and jus like how he instills the craziness in me I follow...who did it first? HE....yeah this is my blog and so who else will I blame  myself??? funny!
    • My Achu ...the cutest craziness of my life
    • My job and co workers...are crazy cause am doing doing doing but never done....need to declutter...need to organise...do the blame game....baaah! the list is never ending
    • My Friends ...yeah so they ought to be crazy....Wonder why and how I can bear their craziness to whatever limit ..strange...like S says maybe u have to live with them to not digest their doings.
    • My world....oh oh ..don't ask...no I don't want to put in stuff in here...then I'll forget the whole purpose of the blog and start grumbling...It's crazy that's all !!!
    Why I still Love life?
    • Life - God has made me complete and given me talents
    • Living - I have a comfortable home, food and clothing . With my family and friends.... I am surrounded with peace and lots of love 
    while billions of others are denied the basic necessities.....I remain blessed. 
    PS. I count my blessings everyday....each blessing has a purpose ..I have discovered the purpose but have to implement and succeed

    Thursday, September 9, 2010

    Do I see Light ?

    After the volcano ...it was dark....but then slowly I could see light...and I was happy
    But now I wonder if it was the light that represented a fresh beginning
    Or the light of molten lava still reminding me that the fire is still burning deep inside......
    Whatever it is I am taking it positive
    And working towards a solution
    Choices I have....None!

    Ps. U pray for all the confusion to settle....and then work for it...hard with all your heart...then am sure God is gonna give me the helping hand.......

    Friday, September 3, 2010

    The Mind thinks.....


    • The volcano errupted and the lava is still hot ....but I know soon things will cool down...for the better or for the worse I know not...but atleast the heat is out!
    • At work things are getting completed..
    • Acha is back in action....God Bless

    • To know that some things are irreversible in life....hurts.....
    • Yet to work on my resolutions and half a year jus vanished before my eyes!
    • Being organised is still a dream
    PS. There is God...There is Time...and so I walk....

    Wednesday, August 18, 2010

    August Presence

    It isn't getting any better.....

    Life is still a rush.....

    Close relatives kept the air at home fresh and lively....if not for Achu's doings their absence would have been felt this week.....

    I am blessed it isn't getting worse....and am praying strong it gets better each day

    Though each night I go to sleep with a thousand questions in mind....I sleep.

    Though I wake up with no good answers every morning....I wake.

    Time heals....Time heals....Time heals....

    But then does silence heal too?

    I don't think so....the problems don't vanish when given the silent treatment....they don't...they never have..

    I thought it did and stayed silent ...and today I face a mountain of silent qualms..

    I blame myself...I have to work on living past them.....and not to live with them..in silence

    Only then does time heal.....

    PS.Project August is to destroy the mountain I created....in a peaceful and amiable way.....prayers to begin with ......

    Thursday, July 29, 2010

    Totally Excited

    Am so excited my friend S had her baby yesterday. :):):):):)

    A normal delivery. A beautiful gal.A bitta blood loss. But hey look at what u gained.Yet another Bundle of Joy. After 9 whole months of listening to what the world has to say to a expecting mother you have a soul that will listen to u :)(only till the age of 16 in our times...but now I guess kids have their own mind right from 2)

    While S was at hospital Achu,M and I were at the same hospital waiting to meet our doc for Achu's 5 yr vaccine!!! I didn't know she was in the labour ward. Maybe God Wanted me to be there at the same place she was....wish I knew she was there...wish I called....Anyways it's a nice feeling to know I was that close...it truly is....:)

    Anyways S, A and lil Nandu congratulations and tight hugs...

    PS. God Bless :)

    Monday, July 26, 2010

    The Three 'Mottai'keteers

    Yesterday we met ...it was quick, unplanned and far from being satisfying. What I call a satisfying meet is the meet we had months ago. This one is just a fill up. The main reason behind it was because P , A and I had our heads tonsured and we wanted to personally see how we looked....individually and together. U had come as well to judge how we looked :)

    I had my mottai first then came P then A. But on analysing we found A's hair had grown faster than the two of us.

    Next it was about the greys.I had the least ...yipeeee and then there was P and A had the most. My hair is curly so even the little grey I have didn't show. While the other two had straight hair and the greys popped out here and there.
    Then it was the weight gain. A told me I had reduced considerably. While P refused to accept the fact( yeah! the fact ).

    After which it was my hands which seemed darker than the rest of my body. It seems my hands look like that of an old lady ( no this is NOT a fact). I thought my hands always looked awful.Well maybe the manicure I was planning to do right from the last time I did it...now when was that...I really don't know..might do the trick.

    Wondering why all the discussion was about me. Maybe because I was the last one to arrive.

    where u ask? At Shree Mithai.

    What we had

    A - chilli mexican bean pizza and fries - really hot hot hot
    P - Tacos and Nacho - Very indianised sevpurish mexican dish
    U - Veg Burger - Uneventful
    Me - American Burger - Disappointing
    Achu - fries - the saviour

    To drink : A ordered some sweet lime , while U,Achu and I ordered coffee and P had some mocktail

    What did we discuss?...not much...we barely had the time to. All we did was grumble between swallowing the food and sipping the drink.

    Like I said this wasn't a proper meet...just a hi-munch-gulp-bye meet :)

    Ps. Whatever it is when we gals meet its a celebration of souls who have passed through life's ups and downs together..and wish to do the same forever more....sniff

    Friday, July 9, 2010

    It jus takes a second...

    ...for Life to turn topsy turvy :(

    June brought in too much of news. And today am not the same person I was one month ago. Life isn't complete and peaceful as it used to be.

    My dear father had a surgery and is still recovering. It pains to see, the strong man who held my hand when I took my first steps,all frail and tired.

    God is my only way. And I surrender.....

    PS.In life's hardships you learn and mature....but I would have preferred to have matured in a happier way....maybe I took life too easy...maybe am the one who faltered....sigh.

    Thursday, June 3, 2010


    ...things just go blank.

    I am in one of those phases where I stand totally helpless

    I hate where I am now.

    God my only Refuge......

    God please get things back to being normal...please.

    Thursday, May 27, 2010

    Anniversaries galore

    This month....

    My SIL's Inlaws celebrated their 50th anniversary...we had great fun at the party.

    My Inlaws celebrated their 43rd anniversary...it was a family get together at a hotel for lunch.

    My Parents celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary this sunday....

    I did have plans to give them a good relaxing holiday but God had other plans.....

    My Acha fell ill this Monday and is advised bed rest for the next 15 days :(

    So this is what I did

    I rented out a few DVD's of good Malayalam movies and took it home yesterday ...told them it was meant to be a surprise but thought of checking the DVD player which was dormant all its life and just as I thought the player had picture but no color or sound....So today I went to a service center and fixed it.Now they can start celebrating 2 days in advance :)

    And we have earthquakes happening off and on in our seventh year of togetherness....M and I have a very very long way to go......God you have a lot of homework to do :)

    PS.I know my Acha and Amma deserve more than jus a couple of rented DVDs.Would give them my life ...But I guess this is better than the unused,chipped and termite infested carom board I got them last anniversary hehehehehe

    Monday, May 24, 2010

    On a Summer Holiday

    We're all going on a summer holiday.
    No more working for a week or two.
    Fun and laughter on a summer holiday.
    No more worries for me and you.
    For a week or two.

    We're going where the sun shines brightly.
    We're going where the sea is blue.
    We've seen it in the movies.
    Now let's see if it's true.

    Everybody has a summer holiday
    Doing things they always wanted to.
    So we're going on a summer holiday
    To make our dreams come true
    For me and you.

    We're going where the sun shines brightly.
    We're going where the sea is blue.
    We've seen it in the movies.
    Now let's see if it's true.

    Everybody has a summer holiday
    Doing things they always wanted to.
    So we're going on a summer holiday
    To make our dreams come true
    For me and you.
    Hmmmmmm, hmmmmmmm...
    Hmmmmmm, hmmmmmmm...
    Hmmmmmm, hmmmmmmm...

    PS. Had a lovely vacation for 2 weeks.....the first week at trivandrum and the second week at kumarakom and thekkady....the above lines are from cliff richard's album.....I love the song its so simple and totally true....

    Friday, May 7, 2010

    A Cuppa Tea

    Can a woman...yes I said A woman get up from her office seat, walk down the stairs, cross the road, to the bunk kadai (the small tea stall) and drink a cuppa tea with a biscuit without being stared at??????????


    I didn't try....and I don't have the guts to...but love to do that.

    Maybe at a restaurant or a cafe it would be fine ...now that's a slight relief ...since 10 years ago even that wouldn't  go unnoticed.....

    PS. The pains of being a South Indian Woman?

    Friday, April 30, 2010

    And the Religion is Faith

    Nivi needed to know if it is possible for a person to belong to no particular religion....and a blog is born

    Direct Answer :
    • NO .To fit into the Indian System you need A religion ...that means everytime there is a column on any paper stating Religion....there can only be one!!!! "Computer won't accept 2 or 3 madam"
    • YES. When it comes to your personal need for a religion...its what you believe that counts....and you believe in what works right?...so out of the 4,200 religions pick any or all or just mix and match or create your own or pick none
    The ppl I love and religion
    • Acha : The most religious man I have had personal contact with. He is a staunch believer of rituals. Does his pooja at dawn and dusk. His idea of a relaxing holiday would be to visit temples. The basic line he repeats is "do your duty and leave the rest to God" and "act according to natural justice and there lies the apt solution to every problem."
    • Amma: She is religious but not ritualistic. She has total faith in God and fears nothing. A very strong person.She only talks the truth....nope not even a white lie....:)
    • M: He was an atheist before we got married (after which I guess he needed God to save him from me ...sure am kidding...hehehehe)...then one fine day he wanted religion and prayed everyday ...as things got better his beliefs got stronger.... now he is a regular temple goer.
    • Achu: He thinks if he is well behaved God will give him more cars ...yes we told him that...how else will you get a four-year-something kid listen to you ??????? 
    And as for myself.......
    • Coming from a Hindu background and a christian school I have had the chance to know only about 2 religions....
    • Am not ritualistic...because am lazy
    • I have a one to one relationship with God
    • yes I do frequent temples ...and lately I have had attractions towards one ...which has given me a lot of answers to humanly unanswered questions  
    • but if you ask me, though technically in black and white I belong to 1 religion I might be treading on the common areas of other religions and following the same with total faith 
    To conclude though I have to admit I have more belief on uttering the Gayatri Mantra or Hanuam Chalisa rather than singing 'Silent Night' or reciting  any christian verse because I belong to a Hindu family...So its all about what you are taught and what you perceive out of a religion ...as I said what works with the mind and heart is all that matters.....

    So Religion
    • is not an instinctive act
    • its not an involuntary action 
    • it is taught or
    • you are born into it
    • it is a convenience 
    • its strength lies in your level of faith
    • you really can't opt out 
    • because your faith is your religion!
    PS. Don't know if I answered you Nivi....but I sure enjoyed writing this post... :)

    Thursday, April 29, 2010

    Bald and beautiful??

    Like I mentioned in my one of my previous blogs ...K,N and Lil L and our family had a trip to tirupathi for my long overdue mottai. yes am all bald and feeling slightly funny this time round..Lil L had her head tonsured as well...

    Advantages of not having the locks
    • When u have a bath :The first mugs of water are sooooo refreshing since it hits the scalp d i r e c t :)
    • Dressing time saved by 15 minutes....includes the time to dry hair , comb, dry again, comb, comb till the fourteenth minute and then plait it at jet speed
    • No hair on the brush or comb results in a  happy M
    • No hair products on the shelf 
    • It feels light always ...no sweaty neck and shoulder this summer
    • A few compliments on my new look...hey I got one from my amma now that's gotta be true alright...truly pacifying atleast  
    • Random kisses on the head from Achu ( huggy buggy )
    • have to go around with a scarf over the head until the scalp looses its bare look.....and in summer its bad...nope I don't have the looks of Persis Khambatta, Nandita Das or the more recent model Diandra Soares to carry off a hairless head.... 
    • Atleast in chennai you don't get stared at since 1 out of 6 people are in one of the many stages of being bald to being fully layered...check it out its true....BUT in Kerala ...if they don't know you are frownable, teaseable, commentable material and if they know you ...they will ask you a million questions and still maintain being their questionable selves after you have given above average answers to all their queries....
    • All those lovely hair bands and clips are just lying around the place waiting to complete their karma 
    Went to Delhi on a work assignment and skipped the scarf....over there nobody really cares on how u look...so it was pretty good ...though I had to explain to a few resident colleagues about the whys-hows-wheres of going bald...and listening to their own stories of distant friends from the south having completed similar vows 

    Now back in chennai am off the scarf and pretty much liking myself the way I am....on second thoughts maybe I should loose a couple of those extra kilos.....

    PS. Going bald for the second time. I have one more to go.....maybe in a couple of years time...the first time I was insensitive to baldness but this time it was different ...I did feel the loss...but now am fine and happy...and enjoying the new me-sans-my-mane ;D

      Wednesday, April 28, 2010

      The Personal Monster IV

      When she called me in, every heart except mine sounded normal....mine was thumping ...I bet Sivamani couldn't have done a better job at his drums...

      dizzy dizzy dizzy.....thump thump....

      Went in all alone....asked for M and was told he is having his teeth beautified ...baaahhhhhh...snifff snifff.....Doc asked me to sit down and she explained the process ...she told me she will work on my left molar and do the right on another day....It would have been better if she jus let me go.....or knew a bit of magic....

      She made me sit  and I couldn't brilliantly camouflaged the tears with a dust-in-the-eye trick  for long... I heard my self sob out loud  and I spotted a very hazy version of my Doc walk towards me ....with a serene smile ...I heard an "Are you ready Gayatri?"....What if I said No...will she let me go?....

      And then she pricked me ....amidst uncontrollable out pours through both my visual mediums I let out screams ,pulls and pushes...is this the ying yang theory I thought...she was shocked ...the attendants were shocked...and hey I was shocked .... "Gayatriikku Om Shanthi paatu podhuma...." she said...and then I heard my sone A's favorite song in the background....No music doesn't help me...not now...no way

      I am not gonna tell you the rest.....it was over ....the whole clinic knew I was having an extraction while it lasted....The looks that welcomed me after the disaster ranged from pity to pittance....

      Oh yes M had a full check up...and cleaning done....after which he stood next to the doc giving me consoling looks ( I had to assume it positively though I now feel they where why-are-u-creating-a-scene cold stare )

      Though one side of my face resembled like I had a mango stuffed inside in some angles for a few days...should tell you I experienced no pain....took my pills regularly, gargled with salt water,followed my docs advise to the T...and in a weeks time I was back to being symmetrically me

      PS. I am proud....Yes I am....fought the personal monster ...though it was an emotional battle ...the battle is won....True I have some more battles at the same field...but its the same field I won at ...and so I will win again ...hopefully.....sigh!

      Wednesday, March 17, 2010

      The Stars across the Horizon

      Simbu :

      Looks clean and well dressed. His restricted facial expressions and dialogue delivery resembled Kamalahasan. Good dancing since he consciously restrained himself from having 'that' expression he usually has when he dances.

      Trisha : 

      Pretty .The costumes were fresh...with a predominance of the starched,pinned cotton saree look...on a positive note...I have this strange feeling its going to get a good sum of gals to try their hand on tying the saree rather than the usual salwar kameez. Acting wise trisha is a natural and the role requires jus that.

      Ganesh ( Simbu's Friend):

      Neat performance. I loved him.Crisp,Calm and Witty.


      I didn't have any prelude to the songs so it didn't create much of an impact in my mind. though the slow part in 'Hosanna' and 'Omana Penne' did want me to listen to the songs again. With A R Rehman the problem is that you tend to like his music only when u keep listening to them again and again....

      Gautam : 
      • Wonderfully shot..cool and full of light....like pouring a chilled glass of water on your face on a hot summer day...
      • Gautam's choreography was monotonous....All the songs had  the 'Velinilave' song in 'Vetteyadhu Vilayadhu' feel...Look what Prabudeva did to the songs of  'Minsara Kanavu' and Brindha/Raju Sundaram did to 'Kandukondein Kandukondein'.....
      • I was waiting for a story to be told ...and there wasn't any...the first half had Simbu saying Yes and Trisha saying No...Then there was Simbu and Trisha saying Yes and her dad saying the No...then again Trisha saying No...And then...and then....chodo yaar...
      Did I enjoy?

      Yes I did. I enjoy every movie I choose to watch. I was telling my buddies that I would have loved the movie if I was 10 years younger ...the romantic scenes were shot beautifully...P( my school friend) was infact supporting the ending and I too agree that 90% of the gals would do just what Trisha did....

      I enjoyed every bit of the popcorn,cola and puff ( Sponsored by my dear brother K who is an equal movie buff and knows the bond between food and movies)...and longed for something sweet....didn't express it for I know my fate...M would glare at me in disgust...so with supressed intentions in mind I gulped down the remaining Cola.

      And So
      • For the romantic...its love at first sight
      • For the music lover....its love after a few replays
      • For the critic...love is a search (for story) full of light and colour 
      • For me...love is all of the above and filled my heart...er and tummy
      PS. In Tota though M mentioned that I should not be giving weightage to the name Gautam when I choose a movie....I would still go for a movie he takes.... its different from the usual stuff....and btw am going for it again with my gal friends this time ..not that I want to watch the movie again...but with the company and treats am sure to enjoy :)   

      Monday, March 15, 2010

      The Movie Buff in me

      Excitement reaches unforeseen heights each time I book tickets for a movie....I love watching movies...and its more fun when its in a dark room with blaring sound AND eats unlimited.

      What I like
      • 3 hrs of disconnection from the outer world
      • into the world of fantasy
      • usually get to the theater early but sometimes (mostly) we wade thru dark shadows - our mobile lites the only aid
      • I remember the documentaries that used to be shown before the movie starts....patriotic ones...then there were these jewelery ads and saree ads.....
      • buttered popcorn,puff,cake,coke,coffee, the ice cream cones with watery vanilla and anything worth munching and gulping down without bating an eyelid
      • the executive sofa @ sangam ...cosy :)....( seemed quite low the last time round...excess wear and tear?)
      • the 'side' comments from the 'fronters' and whistles that welcome heroes and heroines with equal vigor...no 33% here I should say:b
      • happy, comic, full of love, colors and light..in english,hindi,malayalam,tamil and anyother lingo with subtitles ... movies should take you to another joyful land and bring you back like nothing had really happened...though I have watched tearjerkers and been touched by certain movies I prefer the jolly ones...
      • after the movie ..you and a whole bunch of strangers will have one memory in common...the movie you jus watched!
      What I dislike
      • Going after 15 minutes of the movie...
      • The smell of yucky smoke when I go to collect my eats supply...don't care for yourself fine ...what do we passive smokers do ???? grrrr....Men have to pee and smoke anywhere and everywhere...shameful
      • Nothing good to munch on...A Disaster :(
      • bad uncomfortable seats...I never go back to that theater
      • When there is more of noise than sound
      • the movie has a lot of action....I hate fights..No horrors for me... why pay money to scare yourself !!!!!
      Does M like movies ?Yes. But...
      • you will have to ask him a zillion times , convince him the movie is a 'watchable' type,book the tickets, remind him a billion times 
      • and then he will come ...with the most uninterested look on his face.
      • when its time to get the yummy stuff he turns around and says its crowded ,"do you want anything?!!!!!!", jus had dinner , "why so much of stuff" and "I have only 2 hands"...
      • if the movie doesn't catch his fancy ...the usual " I told u so..." dialogue creeps up ..
      If your asking me..why take him along
      • I have no other option
      • I am married to him and am still trying to get him to be the movie buff  I happen to be 
      • And if the going gets tuff ...the tuff get going....I go with my friends....
      PS. Once upon a time I took Achu for this horrible movie( assuming its a comedy) and from that day he refuses to enter a theater....so now I have to get my amma to look after achu while we go for a movie....and we live happily ever after :D

      Thursday, March 11, 2010

      What rules the mind right now?

      Everything is a rush....the day is slow but it is restless....my mind always blurts out 'What next?' ....I am slow ...I am blank....My mind lacks direction..I keep mumbling.... .get angry very fast....and I don't know why but I keep telling 'Yendhu cheyan?' ( what to do?) for no reason at all!!!!!!..but if I have to list out the things I want to do....
      • Holiday with my family or atleast with my lil fella
      • Meet up with friends 
      • Wake up at 10.00 am and still have nothing to do
      • Have long uninterrupted conversations with friends 
      • Declutter.... not out of interest but purely out of need
      Ps. Not that I am overworked....A sense of void has taken over me for quite sometime now....I lack the drive and seem pretty lost in this little world of mine

      Wednesday, March 10, 2010

      No Blog Season

      I am not blogging.....The reasons being

      - no time when there is a PC
      - no PC when there is time
      - no thoughts when there is time and PC

      What to do??????

      Friday, February 19, 2010

      Fight For Fair Freedom

      Universally loved is freedom
      The urge to be free natural
      Cage thoughts or actions
      and Creatures always weep

      If there is Life
      There must be freedom
      If there is a right
      It must be safe

      Species irrelevant
      Gender immaterial
      You need your space
      and I need mine

      The sixth sense is human
      Hence enlightened
      Never to misuse liberty
      And to play by the rules

      If the system Hurts you
      And Conscience calls you right
      Fight for your freedom

      Ka- chang!

      In life one of the relationships I value the most is the one I share with my friends....God Bless I have bountiful beautiful people as friends...

      I always find the time to meet up with friends for a very selfish motive.....yes the most effective way to de-stress and detox is to have a long chat with friends ....and if over food...it doubles the effect :b

      This time round it was C ( With 4 bundles of joy in all sizes to her credit , a perfect homemaker and still looks Sweet 16) who intiated the urge to meet. And then the communication lines didn't stop until U, P, A and I finally decided to meet at T.Nagar.

      Where at T.Nagar should the lot meet?....P gave a suggestion....Pelita Nasi Kadar...yup I googled out the name just now....It was a Malaysian retaurant....and since the location was pretty much ok with the rest of the gangs pre and post commitments...which included my visit with the personal monster to remove the stitches...

      All of us reached the venue from different directions at different times....when I entered I saw C with her daughter R, P and U feasting.....I  was curious to know what their orders were....was slightly disappointed that it was majorly a veg platter and only C's lil one being a non-vegan like me...The others had a reason each.....

      What was on the table....
      Veg Fried Rice
      Veg Noodles
      Panner Masala
      And the famous Banana Paratha

      I ordered for a sweet Corn Veg Soup, One more Fried Rice ...and while doing this A walked in ...so the order included her choice which was Naan and Peas curry...AND Banana Paratha again.....

      We giggled,gossiped,teased and shared all that happened during our flashbacks at a speed greater than light. Gals just rock..and guys are plain rocks when it comes to emoting thoughts. We had a lovely time travelling randomly into the past,present and future.

      Then came the desert....everybody was too full for desert but a bit of pressure made us order in pairs....P was too full finishing Banana Paratha and was having a slight headache...but she did have a suggestion...she said the Ka-Chang was really good....and so A and C decided to try out the Ka-chang...how adventurous...U had icecream with fruitsalad and I settled for Ice coffee and R wanted some Strawberry Ice Cream

      Ka chang - Its size surprised all of us...even P was shocked...Our peels of laughter did get the waiter a bit uncomfortable...must have thought how a bunch of fully grown ladies could behave so childish....catch us plus 10 years from now...and we will we will be as childish as we began....yup that's a talent...and it comes quite naturally to us when we are in a group....

      Coming back to Ka-chang...it had a lot of ice, colour, melon seeds,sugar syrup,nuts,apricot and a lot of stuff that jus kept coming out as we dug ourselves thru the dish....tasty?...yes absolutely....sad we couldn't finish it ....maybe the next time we will....

      Soon it was time to leave ....A and P left together as P had some shopping to do ...U left alone....C,R and I left together.....R wanted to have a look at how I cry when I visit my dentist so they decided to accompany me ....:)

      The Verdict : Banana paratha RULES....we ordered one more plate and R was wondering how so much of the Same food could get into this many mouths that didn't stop gabbing even while chewing....manners good-bye....

      So tell me whenz the next meet up and where.....?...Care for another Ka-chang?????????

      PS. A meet up with friends is the best way to combat any signs of aging.....atleast u feel young for those few hours :b...I love u gals...and will love you the same until my last breath ...

      Sunday, February 14, 2010

      An urge to Create

       I used the promotion tool on orkut to promote


      The need of the hour :)

      Let there be peace and let it begin right from our homes....

      Let there be tolerance and let it begin right from our minds....

      These two lines were written by me....

      When?...probably after a fight with M :)

      All creators create best when they have had an experience in their own lives

      Maybe imagination does play a part....But how much can one imagine
      I felt those lines when I typed them.....

      PS. I am sure every story written has a bit of the authors life in it....either simplified or magnified :)

      Saturday, February 13, 2010

      Amma and Acha - Comeback Fast

      Amma and Acha are going to Guruvayur today.They won't be here until thursday Morn. Four whole days without them means I have to do ALOT of things on my own. Wish I could go with them but I can't get into any temple for the next 5 days ...baaaah....

      Sunday will breeze away with a visit to M's place and a bit of grocery shopping for the next 2 days :)

      When Amma is here I only need to worry about the breakfast. But now I will have to plan for lunch and dinner as well.....hmmmm

      Now this is what I have in mind

                         Monday (15)           Tuesday (16)                   Wednesday (17)                     

      Breakfast     Dosa & Sambhar     Semiya Upma                 Idili & Tomato

      Lunch          Rice, Dhal, Carrot    Rice, Rasam,Potato                               
                            Poriyal                      & Capsicum                

      Dinner         Chapathi & Peas       Chapathi & Corn           
                               Curry                        Curry                            

      And Achu will need Fish everyday ...which I have in my freezer already :) 

      When Acha is here I don't need to worry about the car going to pick Achu ...Now that is something I have to set the alarm for at 11.45 am....

      Let's see what happens

      PS. I admire Moms who do all the housework, go to office and still remain Sane ( some are even cheerful!!!!!!!! )...someday I hope to be one....so does the rest of the family around me :)...to hope is such a postive and wide term :):)

      Memories of School

      Those long corridors
      The morning bell
      Wednesday prayers
      Gossiping and passing notes
      Sudden tests which never happened
      Discussing first crushes over
      Lunchboxes with yummy food
      I yearn to live that carefree life yet again
      But Alas....Its a memory
      And a memory it will remain
      Yet am glad i have a handful of u
      To prove to my present
      The much cherished past I have been thru
      Love and Miss you all

      As I browsed through my friends list i found a few of my school friends among them....I drifted into that age when I had no other worries than the Annual Exam....how simple life was...

      I immediately sent this poem to all my school friends with whom i have spent almost 12 years of my life and whose friendship I will treasure forever...I belong to lucky few who have managed to fish out my mates from the different worlds they now belong to.....

      We had one reunion last year and it was wonderful....the feeling of being with people who have shared those happy days is so different ....it makes one feel young again....recollecting memories together makes it all the more interesting and enjoyable....

      Waiting to organise the next reunion and hoping I have more buddies coming in to rekindle the school kid in us....

      PS. Memories - Music to my Mind...live each day joyfully so you end up have cheridhable memories.....in school we didn't have to try to make them joyful  ...but today it takes an effort.........will try

      Tuesday, February 9, 2010

      My Manoharan Valiachan

      Sometimes I feel Its good I wasn't there for his funeral.Its really tuff to look at an otherwise active mind and body , all stiff and lifeless. Am glad I didn't get to see him like that. Now all I feel is that he is still amidst us.

      My manuvallliachan is a strong man. He is a workaholic. And being in the government service he never ever takes advantage of his position and didn't like others making use of his name too. He doesn't utilise the previleges offered to the positions he holds and being so principled earned him great respect and love from seniors juniors and counterparts.

      He loves to read. He loves action movies. He enjoys conversations and knows to make them enjoyable as well.

      To his children he is a strict and conservative father and always is blamed for being so. But today the children reap the the respect this wonderful father sowed. All the three of them are good human beings and are so because my valliachan is the father he is. What matters most in life is to succeed to be good humans....wealth, fame and education are all secondary.To his brothers and relatives he is a short tempered yet loving guide.   
      My personal moments with him have always been brief and sweet. He asks me if am okay and smiles. I respect him. I wanted to get all my valliachans and valliammas blessings on my next trip to tvm...but alas my next trip did materilise but for a very sad reason........

      The only long conversation I had with my valliachan was when my wedding was to be finalised with M much against my wishes. I wanted to study and work but my acha wanted me to get married to M. I hated it. My valiachan called me in person and asked me why I didn't want to get married and heard me through. I wept my heart out and he got convinced and respected my thoughts. He came out and told my Acha not to force me. But I finally got married to M which is another story altogether. He treated me like a mature human being. Nobody has and still doesn't. I know he still does.

      My last conversation with him was in december when Acha had a little operation and Amma was in bed after a fall.
      Me: Hello
      Valliachan: Hello Unni onndha?( Is Unni there?)
      Me: Arannu? ( who is this)
      Valliachan: Molle ye valliachaney maranno?( have you forgotten this valiachan)
      Me: Ayyyoooo valiacha adhela...voice manasilayilea..acha poojaroomilanu vilikanpareyete valiacha? ( Oh no didn't get the voice ...acha is doing pooja shall i ask him to call)
      Valiachan: Ohhh sheri (ok)
      Me: Valliachanu sugam thane? (Are you fine?)
      Valiachan: ahhh...yenganeyo ponnu...mokku sugamthane ( hmmm jus movin on...how are you)
      Me: evidhay achanum ammeykum sugamilelo valiacha adhukondhu ottamthanee ( here anmma and acha are sick so running about)
      Valiachan: Adhu venam molle ...avare nokanam ( that is what is needed ...you have to look after them)
      Me: sheri valiacha njan achaney vilikyan parayam (ok will ask acha to call)
      Valiachan: Sheri (ok)

      He is Manuvaliachan and will always be

      Ps. The 'is' will become 'was' only when the mind tells the heart to. Am not going to let that happen . Its the heart that rules..................

      Friday, January 29, 2010

      The Gender Bias

      After Marriage

      The man doesn't have to leave his family after tying the knot....and if he does its considered to be a crime
      While the girl belongs to the boys family and she just has to forget where she came from 

      The man has the same duties ...of looking after ONLY his schedule ...and delegating most of the personal chores to the rest of the family
      While the girl has to modify and fit in to the new family's routine....given a 3 months probation time....but immediate compatibility to environment would give you some extra points

      The man's schedule.....Will you be coming for for lunch?...not sure....Are you working late?...I don't know
      Do you want lunch ? ...yes but may be not....Are you going to office???? ...Might....!!!!!
      while the girl has to submit a clear schedule with time and place where she will be available at...and must follow it too

      The man's family is always right and takes
      While the woman's family is always wrong and gives

      The man is called the perfect husband
      The woman is called the useless wife

      After Child

      The man can just walk out of the house shouting " I'll be back"
      While the girl has to plan ...plan and plan before she can move 1 km away from home to buy some veggies for the family

      The man wakes up, reads paper, wants his tea and drops baby at school because the wife is so dumb that she can't drive
      The women has to wake up, cook breakfast,dress child, feed child, put clothes in washing machine, make tea, send baby to school.

      The man is always busy
      The woman always has to make time for everything

      The man is called the doting father
      The woman is called the dumb mother

      PS: If I think I could write a book on this topic... I know there are exceptions....but the fact still remains ....that they are only exceptions.....:)

      Tuesday, January 19, 2010

      The Past and the Future

      2009....A very uneventful year in all quarters. Personally and Professionally I didn't see any major change.

      On the Personal Front

      There was more of worry rather than joy.With loved ones falling sick. In and out of hospital.My visits to the dentist ( which continue this year boooo hoooo!). Am totally fed up living an unsettled life...shuttling between homes. The flat is still unfurnished and cluttered. The the initial months did have a lot of travel the whole family enjoyed. Then there was Achu's little acheivements that brought in those moments of joy to make the year not so bad afterall.

      On the Professional Front

      The personal failures have tainted my professional dreams. YES that is the excuse I have and I stick with it. There is not an atom of enthusiasm. I want to improve, study and grow....but....am lazy and fuzzy and slightly dizzy ....

      This year is not going to see me make any NEW resolutions
      The old ones are crying for help....

      2010 here I come .......

      Ps. My Strength : GOD .....I am blessed and I can tell that a zillion times.

      Wednesday, January 6, 2010

      My Pets and Me

      This blog started off as a comment and became too long and so was promoted to a blog. And this is the blog that inspired me :)

      - had a dog Benji when I was in school . He was a silky terrier. A cute little pup. I used to play with him cuddle him , teach him tricks and do everything that didn't come under the term 'dirty work'... together or seperate....Amma did that.....One Sunday when the whole family was back after a little outing  we found we lost Benji......Lost and not to be found.......
      - Then I had cats..though they couldn't fill the gap benji left...loved them too...a dozen of them in my backyard....they visit me only for dinner though....Tom cats, pregnant cats, soon to be pregnant cats and lots of kittens in all sizes....I was breeding cats...We would have the cat choir every night....and then I got married...Amma fed them for a few months .when she ignored them they would steal.....then she found ways to send them away ...marry them off :D

      - Then I had one cat I called my pet...its been 14yrs and she's still with me but with Achu's entry...life has changed for me and my cat :)

      -  A few more years and Achu might just want a pet for himself....and as the circle of life should go on....I might land up with the dirty-work...together or seperate
      - So long as its not a spider,lizard,snake or a scorpion or anything creepy or crawly......:b

      Monday, January 4, 2010

      Delhi - Do I Miss you?

      M and I were to fly to Delhi on the 2nd of January 2010...But the flight got cancelled because of the fog in Delhi and my trip to delhi stands cancelled.....

      Am Happy we didn't fly because
      • My Achu didn't want me to go. Though he was excited he was to get a train set when I get back...yeah call it the bait to make up for my absence
      • My Amma who is just recovering from a leg injury consented 100% with energy levels of barely 15% to look after Achu jus because she didn't want her daughter to miss going on a official trip... I love you Amma...:)
      • My Achu singing the welcome song for Granparents day at school and so I have a few days extra to get his costume ready
      • My teeth which needs attention as early as possible....and the monster is getting all hungry yet again...baaahhhhh
      •  My group of friends are organising an event and I am involved in it ..this means I can give in some more time into it
      • My BIL is getting married early next month...one more week added to my I-can-shop-till-I-drop days
      • My work will find some completions finally ..since my presence will surely make things work faster
      • My flat can be beautified at ease....though the painting is postponed to next week
      • My body and mind are glad they didn't have to fight the Delhi cold
      Am sad we didn't fly because
      • I wanted to do the job we were to be there for...very badly
      • I don't know where else to use the thermals I bought
      • I don't know what the on-flight movie was...I miss watching that :b
      • I wanted to know what Delhi @its coldest was like
      PS. Hope to make full use of the time I gained in Chennai this week...... and my time starts now :)