Friday, February 19, 2010

Fight For Fair Freedom

Universally loved is freedom
The urge to be free natural
Cage thoughts or actions
and Creatures always weep

If there is Life
There must be freedom
If there is a right
It must be safe

Species irrelevant
Gender immaterial
You need your space
and I need mine

The sixth sense is human
Hence enlightened
Never to misuse liberty
And to play by the rules

If the system Hurts you
And Conscience calls you right
Fight for your freedom

Ka- chang!

In life one of the relationships I value the most is the one I share with my friends....God Bless I have bountiful beautiful people as friends...

I always find the time to meet up with friends for a very selfish motive.....yes the most effective way to de-stress and detox is to have a long chat with friends ....and if over doubles the effect :b

This time round it was C ( With 4 bundles of joy in all sizes to her credit , a perfect homemaker and still looks Sweet 16) who intiated the urge to meet. And then the communication lines didn't stop until U, P, A and I finally decided to meet at T.Nagar.

Where at T.Nagar should the lot meet?....P gave a suggestion....Pelita Nasi Kadar...yup I googled out the name just now....It was a Malaysian retaurant....and since the location was pretty much ok with the rest of the gangs pre and post commitments...which included my visit with the personal monster to remove the stitches...

All of us reached the venue from different directions at different times....when I entered I saw C with her daughter R, P and U feasting.....I  was curious to know what their orders were....was slightly disappointed that it was majorly a veg platter and only C's lil one being a non-vegan like me...The others had a reason each.....

What was on the table....
Veg Fried Rice
Veg Noodles
Panner Masala
And the famous Banana Paratha

I ordered for a sweet Corn Veg Soup, One more Fried Rice ...and while doing this A walked in the order included her choice which was Naan and Peas curry...AND Banana Paratha again.....

We giggled,gossiped,teased and shared all that happened during our flashbacks at a speed greater than light. Gals just rock..and guys are plain rocks when it comes to emoting thoughts. We had a lovely time travelling randomly into the past,present and future.

Then came the desert....everybody was too full for desert but a bit of pressure made us order in pairs....P was too full finishing Banana Paratha and was having a slight headache...but she did have a suggestion...she said the Ka-Chang was really good....and so A and C decided to try out the adventurous...U had icecream with fruitsalad and I settled for Ice coffee and R wanted some Strawberry Ice Cream

Ka chang - Its size surprised all of us...even P was shocked...Our peels of laughter did get the waiter a bit uncomfortable...must have thought how a bunch of fully grown ladies could behave so childish....catch us plus 10 years from now...and we will we will be as childish as we began....yup that's a talent...and it comes quite naturally to us when we are in a group....

Coming back to had a lot of ice, colour, melon seeds,sugar syrup,nuts,apricot and a lot of stuff that jus kept coming out as we dug ourselves thru the dish....tasty?...yes absolutely....sad we couldn't finish it ....maybe the next time we will....

Soon it was time to leave ....A and P left together as P had some shopping to do ...U left alone....C,R and I left together.....R wanted to have a look at how I cry when I visit my dentist so they decided to accompany me ....:)

The Verdict : Banana paratha RULES....we ordered one more plate and R was wondering how so much of the Same food could get into this many mouths that didn't stop gabbing even while chewing....manners good-bye....

So tell me whenz the next meet up and where.....?...Care for another Ka-chang?????????

PS. A meet up with friends is the best way to combat any signs of aging.....atleast u feel young for those few hours :b...I love u gals...and will love you the same until my last breath ...

Sunday, February 14, 2010

An urge to Create

 I used the promotion tool on orkut to promote


The need of the hour :)

Let there be peace and let it begin right from our homes....

Let there be tolerance and let it begin right from our minds....

These two lines were written by me....

When?...probably after a fight with M :)

All creators create best when they have had an experience in their own lives

Maybe imagination does play a part....But how much can one imagine
I felt those lines when I typed them.....

PS. I am sure every story written has a bit of the authors life in it....either simplified or magnified :)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Amma and Acha - Comeback Fast

Amma and Acha are going to Guruvayur today.They won't be here until thursday Morn. Four whole days without them means I have to do ALOT of things on my own. Wish I could go with them but I can't get into any temple for the next 5 days ...baaaah....

Sunday will breeze away with a visit to M's place and a bit of grocery shopping for the next 2 days :)

When Amma is here I only need to worry about the breakfast. But now I will have to plan for lunch and dinner as well.....hmmmm

Now this is what I have in mind

                   Monday (15)           Tuesday (16)                   Wednesday (17)                     

Breakfast     Dosa & Sambhar     Semiya Upma                 Idili & Tomato

Lunch          Rice, Dhal, Carrot    Rice, Rasam,Potato                               
                      Poriyal                      & Capsicum                

Dinner         Chapathi & Peas       Chapathi & Corn           
                         Curry                        Curry                            

And Achu will need Fish everyday ...which I have in my freezer already :) 

When Acha is here I don't need to worry about the car going to pick Achu ...Now that is something I have to set the alarm for at 11.45 am....

Let's see what happens

PS. I admire Moms who do all the housework, go to office and still remain Sane ( some are even cheerful!!!!!!!! )...someday I hope to be does the rest of the family around me :) hope is such a postive and wide term :):)

Memories of School

Those long corridors
The morning bell
Wednesday prayers
Gossiping and passing notes
Sudden tests which never happened
Discussing first crushes over
Lunchboxes with yummy food
I yearn to live that carefree life yet again
But Alas....Its a memory
And a memory it will remain
Yet am glad i have a handful of u
To prove to my present
The much cherished past I have been thru
Love and Miss you all

As I browsed through my friends list i found a few of my school friends among them....I drifted into that age when I had no other worries than the Annual simple life was...

I immediately sent this poem to all my school friends with whom i have spent almost 12 years of my life and whose friendship I will treasure forever...I belong to lucky few who have managed to fish out my mates from the different worlds they now belong to.....

We had one reunion last year and it was wonderful....the feeling of being with people who have shared those happy days is so different makes one feel young again....recollecting memories together makes it all the more interesting and enjoyable....

Waiting to organise the next reunion and hoping I have more buddies coming in to rekindle the school kid in us....

PS. Memories - Music to my each day joyfully so you end up have cheridhable school we didn't have to try to make them joyful  ...but today it takes an effort.........will try

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Manoharan Valiachan

Sometimes I feel Its good I wasn't there for his funeral.Its really tuff to look at an otherwise active mind and body , all stiff and lifeless. Am glad I didn't get to see him like that. Now all I feel is that he is still amidst us.

My manuvallliachan is a strong man. He is a workaholic. And being in the government service he never ever takes advantage of his position and didn't like others making use of his name too. He doesn't utilise the previleges offered to the positions he holds and being so principled earned him great respect and love from seniors juniors and counterparts.

He loves to read. He loves action movies. He enjoys conversations and knows to make them enjoyable as well.

To his children he is a strict and conservative father and always is blamed for being so. But today the children reap the the respect this wonderful father sowed. All the three of them are good human beings and are so because my valliachan is the father he is. What matters most in life is to succeed to be good humans....wealth, fame and education are all secondary.To his brothers and relatives he is a short tempered yet loving guide.   
My personal moments with him have always been brief and sweet. He asks me if am okay and smiles. I respect him. I wanted to get all my valliachans and valliammas blessings on my next trip to tvm...but alas my next trip did materilise but for a very sad reason........

The only long conversation I had with my valliachan was when my wedding was to be finalised with M much against my wishes. I wanted to study and work but my acha wanted me to get married to M. I hated it. My valiachan called me in person and asked me why I didn't want to get married and heard me through. I wept my heart out and he got convinced and respected my thoughts. He came out and told my Acha not to force me. But I finally got married to M which is another story altogether. He treated me like a mature human being. Nobody has and still doesn't. I know he still does.

My last conversation with him was in december when Acha had a little operation and Amma was in bed after a fall.
Me: Hello
Valliachan: Hello Unni onndha?( Is Unni there?)
Me: Arannu? ( who is this)
Valliachan: Molle ye valliachaney maranno?( have you forgotten this valiachan)
Me: Ayyyoooo valiacha adhela...voice manasilayilea..acha poojaroomilanu vilikanpareyete valiacha? ( Oh no didn't get the voice ...acha is doing pooja shall i ask him to call)
Valiachan: Ohhh sheri (ok)
Me: Valliachanu sugam thane? (Are you fine?)
Valiachan: ahhh...yenganeyo ponnu...mokku sugamthane ( hmmm jus movin are you)
Me: evidhay achanum ammeykum sugamilelo valiacha adhukondhu ottamthanee ( here anmma and acha are sick so running about)
Valiachan: Adhu venam molle ...avare nokanam ( that is what is needed have to look after them)
Me: sheri valiacha njan achaney vilikyan parayam (ok will ask acha to call)
Valiachan: Sheri (ok)

He is Manuvaliachan and will always be

Ps. The 'is' will become 'was' only when the mind tells the heart to. Am not going to let that happen . Its the heart that rules..................