Friday, April 30, 2010

And the Religion is Faith

Nivi needed to know if it is possible for a person to belong to no particular religion....and a blog is born

Direct Answer :
  • NO .To fit into the Indian System you need A religion ...that means everytime there is a column on any paper stating Religion....there can only be one!!!! "Computer won't accept 2 or 3 madam"
  • YES. When it comes to your personal need for a religion...its what you believe that counts....and you believe in what works right? out of the 4,200 religions pick any or all or just mix and match or create your own or pick none
The ppl I love and religion
  • Acha : The most religious man I have had personal contact with. He is a staunch believer of rituals. Does his pooja at dawn and dusk. His idea of a relaxing holiday would be to visit temples. The basic line he repeats is "do your duty and leave the rest to God" and "act according to natural justice and there lies the apt solution to every problem."
  • Amma: She is religious but not ritualistic. She has total faith in God and fears nothing. A very strong person.She only talks the truth....nope not even a white lie....:)
  • M: He was an atheist before we got married (after which I guess he needed God to save him from me ...sure am kidding...hehehehe)...then one fine day he wanted religion and prayed everyday things got better his beliefs got stronger.... now he is a regular temple goer.
  • Achu: He thinks if he is well behaved God will give him more cars ...yes we told him else will you get a four-year-something kid listen to you ??????? 
And as for myself.......
  • Coming from a Hindu background and a christian school I have had the chance to know only about 2 religions....
  • Am not ritualistic...because am lazy
  • I have a one to one relationship with God
  • yes I do frequent temples ...and lately I have had attractions towards one ...which has given me a lot of answers to humanly unanswered questions  
  • but if you ask me, though technically in black and white I belong to 1 religion I might be treading on the common areas of other religions and following the same with total faith 
To conclude though I have to admit I have more belief on uttering the Gayatri Mantra or Hanuam Chalisa rather than singing 'Silent Night' or reciting  any christian verse because I belong to a Hindu family...So its all about what you are taught and what you perceive out of a religion I said what works with the mind and heart is all that matters.....

So Religion
  • is not an instinctive act
  • its not an involuntary action 
  • it is taught or
  • you are born into it
  • it is a convenience 
  • its strength lies in your level of faith
  • you really can't opt out 
  • because your faith is your religion!
PS. Don't know if I answered you Nivi....but I sure enjoyed writing this post... :)

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bald and beautiful??

Like I mentioned in my one of my previous blogs ...K,N and Lil L and our family had a trip to tirupathi for my long overdue mottai. yes am all bald and feeling slightly funny this time round..Lil L had her head tonsured as well...

Advantages of not having the locks
  • When u have a bath :The first mugs of water are sooooo refreshing since it hits the scalp d i r e c t :)
  • Dressing time saved by 15 minutes....includes the time to dry hair , comb, dry again, comb, comb till the fourteenth minute and then plait it at jet speed
  • No hair on the brush or comb results in a  happy M
  • No hair products on the shelf 
  • It feels light always sweaty neck and shoulder this summer
  • A few compliments on my new look...hey I got one from my amma now that's gotta be true alright...truly pacifying atleast  
  • Random kisses on the head from Achu ( huggy buggy )
  • have to go around with a scarf over the head until the scalp looses its bare look.....and in summer its bad...nope I don't have the looks of Persis Khambatta, Nandita Das or the more recent model Diandra Soares to carry off a hairless head.... 
  • Atleast in chennai you don't get stared at since 1 out of 6 people are in one of the many stages of being bald to being fully layered...check it out its true....BUT in Kerala ...if they don't know you are frownable, teaseable, commentable material and if they know you ...they will ask you a million questions and still maintain being their questionable selves after you have given above average answers to all their queries....
  • All those lovely hair bands and clips are just lying around the place waiting to complete their karma 
Went to Delhi on a work assignment and skipped the scarf....over there nobody really cares on how u it was pretty good ...though I had to explain to a few resident colleagues about the whys-hows-wheres of going bald...and listening to their own stories of distant friends from the south having completed similar vows 

Now back in chennai am off the scarf and pretty much liking myself the way I am....on second thoughts maybe I should loose a couple of those extra kilos.....

PS. Going bald for the second time. I have one more to go.....maybe in a couple of years time...the first time I was insensitive to baldness but this time it was different ...I did feel the loss...but now am fine and happy...and enjoying the new me-sans-my-mane ;D

    Wednesday, April 28, 2010

    The Personal Monster IV

    When she called me in, every heart except mine sounded normal....mine was thumping ...I bet Sivamani couldn't have done a better job at his drums...

    dizzy dizzy dizzy.....thump thump....

    Went in all alone....asked for M and was told he is having his teeth beautified ...baaahhhhhh...snifff snifff.....Doc asked me to sit down and she explained the process ...she told me she will work on my left molar and do the right on another day....It would have been better if she jus let me go.....or knew a bit of magic....

    She made me sit  and I couldn't brilliantly camouflaged the tears with a dust-in-the-eye trick  for long... I heard my self sob out loud  and I spotted a very hazy version of my Doc walk towards me ....with a serene smile ...I heard an "Are you ready Gayatri?"....What if I said No...will she let me go?....

    And then she pricked me ....amidst uncontrollable out pours through both my visual mediums I let out screams ,pulls and this the ying yang theory I thought...she was shocked ...the attendants were shocked...and hey I was shocked .... "Gayatriikku Om Shanthi paatu podhuma...." she said...and then I heard my sone A's favorite song in the background....No music doesn't help me...not way

    I am not gonna tell you the was over ....the whole clinic knew I was having an extraction while it lasted....The looks that welcomed me after the disaster ranged from pity to pittance....

    Oh yes M had a full check up...and cleaning done....after which he stood next to the doc giving me consoling looks ( I had to assume it positively though I now feel they where why-are-u-creating-a-scene cold stare )

    Though one side of my face resembled like I had a mango stuffed inside in some angles for a few days...should tell you I experienced no pain....took my pills regularly, gargled with salt water,followed my docs advise to the T...and in a weeks time I was back to being symmetrically me

    PS. I am proud....Yes I am....fought the personal monster ...though it was an emotional battle ...the battle is won....True I have some more battles at the same field...but its the same field I won at ...and so I will win again ...hopefully.....sigh!