Friday, August 19, 2011

The Unbalanced Scale

Other Job
Better pay

    Present Job
    Get to a 9.30am office at 11.00 am
    make your own deadlines
    Browse while you work
    delegate delegate delegate
    have a week long vacation and still get paid full
    talk rot about how awfully managed the 30 year old company is
    attend every minuscule function at any time of the day/week/month/year
    never do basic work
    get transport and transport allowance
    travel in India and overseas with luxurious stay
    loads of experience in different areas
    leave office when you want to
    blackmail half yearly that you would be paid ten times (!!!!!!) the salary in any another company
    and earn a raise (brilliant!)

    So what's the deal?

    PS. I had to write this out. Maybe years later the super ego/ immature will hit enlightenment or may be not.......BTW heard about the guy who drops the "I'll divorce" line every time there's a fight?....Strangely they are different chapters of the same book :)

    Tuesday, August 9, 2011


    Suddenly I feel all alone
    A shoulder I seek beside
    Though amidst a crowd
    Why do I feel deprived

    With uncertainties around me
    I seek just one defined
    One I can fall back on
    When the world acts blind

    Wonder which worldly tie
    is the most strongest and true
    For I have felt all the bonding
    But sadly confident of none

    So a materialistic life
    camouflaged with fake smiles
    and superficiality around
    This lone soul lives on............

    Monday, August 8, 2011

    Mixed Fillings

    Each day is filled with varied moments...some sweet and some spicy.........
    • I am a suryanamaskar-ist now :). It is so simple and effective. That's what they say.
    • A, my childhood buddy met with an accident a couple of days back. She is my yoga companion as well. She's got a fracture and so the both of us have decided to start after shes ok. Atleast that's what I want to do. She has been forcing me to continue.But I don't want to do it without sure are going to get well soon di. My prayers are with you. I miss meeting A terribly :(
    • Went for S's second's birthday. Met up with a bunch of gal friends after a long time. Needed more time to dissect each others lives but hey we did start :)
    • Acha's follow up is coming up again.Tension mounts. Hoping all those levels are favorable ones.
    • Achu has a couple of days off this week and the next. He is growing up to be a whining,exploring,talkative darling...He takes turns in being them one at a time...
    • Amma is Amma....everything more nothing less
    • M ....I am in one of those moods when I shouldn't be writing anything. 
    • Me?...Am fine but wondering if everybody's life is as complicated as mine.........
    Ps. Yet again I understand that life is a dependency game. One minute you are totally independent, strong and motivated and the next minute you are made to be a shoulder seeking measly weakling... 

    Wednesday, August 3, 2011

    Tell me why....

    • do fathers have to be told to do things while mothers just instinctively do it?...Just give him the medicine I'll pack his lunch...just get him ready while I have my bath...why don't you take him along?....put on his shoes....can you give him a bath?... can you get him to do his homework?
    • are mothers held responsible for everything associated with the child?....You should give him food every hour he is so skinny....why hasn't he had his haircut?...his skin is so rough aren't you rubbing any oil?...
    • do fathers enjoy more 'me' time than mothers????????
    • does the kid adore his father so much and take the mother for granted?