Monday, December 28, 2009

The Personal Monster - III

Went up to the Girl at the front desk and gave my file. She looked at it and smiled. I went all cold at that smile. Was that a smile of consolation I wondered frightfully.

I asked her which tooth was to be extracted and I also had to have a RCT. Its the Right molar and Right middle tooth for RCT she said.

I knew it. Its the wrong side. All along I had this feeling that my doc was talking all Right and poor me thought she was mentioning about the Left molar extraction and RCT.Why?...Because it was the left side that was painful. My right side didn't hurt at all.

She vanished inside rather puzzled. She came back and told me to wait......again?...oh the suspense was torturing me......

My doc came out and called me. I felt numb all over. She asked me what the problem was and on mentioning my plight she told me she would work on my Left molar and do a little filling later on the front left tooth. Done. That solves the problem. Now what?

Ps- For the girl at the desk - am just another patient, For my Doc- am just another patient but for me this is An ordeal with the my Mental Monster. How different each percpective is for every single situation.

Busy-ness Ahead

The coming months are filled with work and pleasure trips.

January first week - Will be in Delhi on a work assigment. Heard its pretty cold in Delhi. Any suggestins on how to combat the chill are welcomed from the experienced lot.

January second week - This week will begin with Grandparents Day at Achu's school. Achu is singing a song :). Then comes the Mom's event which am looking forward to attend. And will see me doing a lot of shopping personally and with M's family for my BIL is getting married early February. I love shopping and this is going to be fun.Might be some inviting work if its not over when we are in Delhi.

January third week - Beautification of our flat, Packing stuff, informing the school that Achu will not be coming for a week, Last minute stitching amidst Pongal celebrations which majorly includes watching TV

January fourth week - Sending off MIL, FIL and BIL , getting tensed jus for the heck of it :b, Calling up all my friends and informing I won't be there for a whole week and make sure they miss me :b

February First week - I think all of us know what happens when your the Older DIL at Your BIL's Wedding. Lots of dressing, talking, smiling, eating and walking.... phew.....Won't have much work since M's family is huge with cousins and mama's and mami's all over and we belong to the previleged boy's side afterall :). Achu is gauranteed to have lots of happy times with all his cousins.

February Second Week - Getting MIL's Place ready for the new bride:):):)....Then maybe we will get the oppurtunity to go to all the places The new couple is invited to a yummy meal.....And if the flat is fit for public display then we invite them as well otherwise they might have to wait to be invited like the others who at this juncture I would like to thank for the patience they have exhibited for the past 2 years

PS. These happy weeks ahead there will be many moments to cherish and God Bless us all for nothing is possible without the Supreme's presence......   

Ear-gear in Chennai this Winter

The chilly chennai breeze gets into your ear

Your M's Sinus worsens and he needs hot water and a hug every time he sees you ;b
Your Achu's Nose is blocked and voice has cracked at 4 yrs!!!!!!!
Your Amma who does 90% of your job gets a coff ,cold and feels feverish ( Ohhh No)
You get a bad cold with occasional coff
All of the above witness thick yellow flem first thing in the morning

Noticed the new trend this winter in Chennai?
The head gear...or rather the Ear gear
This headphone kinda thingy that can be placed over the ears.
It has become a rage in Chennai
I find every Kuppu, Vadivu and Bhai sporting one
They come in military colors
And in different sizes

Wondering how the poor bikers can listen to their FM with this gear on ...They have the will so they sure will find a way

Am I getting One?
Am getting Three
for M, Achu and Me

PS. Going by the old saying.... Am just 'Preventing' the chilly breeze from getting a few bucks into my ENT's pocket :) Go for the Ear-Gear babe...It's in and it's a sure Win

My Personal Monster -II

I started from office with my Acha at around 2.30pm for the dreaded appointment was at 4.00 pm.

M agreed to escort me to my monster but was held up doing the usual boy stuff of testing yet another car. He told me he would reach home just in time for us to leave. Not knowing that any instance of upsetting my set plan would cause my BP to shoot up.

Went home ate, brushed my teeth and was waiting for Dear M to arrive. And he did at 2.50pm. He ate and then asked me if I was ready to leave. I nodded.

Acha asked me if I needed his presence. So sweet of him :) I wouldn't mind the whole world coming with me but then I said it was ok since My strong M was coming with me.

We were in the car. The traffic at this hour was kinda suprising.
And M started " I have to pick up my LIC papers. Let's do it on the way".
Me: "What???? Noway we will be late for the appointment...grrrrrr"
M: "Don't be stupid this will take just a couple of minutes"
Me: Sulking with tear filled eyes thinking how cruel a man could be.
Here is a little gal waiting to confront her hugeeeee monster and this man wants to get his work inhuman ..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

He hardly took 5 minutes and we were back on track.
4.00 pm sharp we were at the monster's clinic.......................

PS. For the man everything other than his problems seem simple ..he doesn't even want to think the way a women thinks...while a women thinks for herself AND for others...for some women it comes naturally, for some women because they have no other choice..and a few other women just start becoming men :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Personal Monster - I

Tomorrow I visit the dentist 4.00pm

Can't really frame how frieghtened I am. The feeling of immense helplessness. I have to go and I have to go tomorrow. Have run away from this monster for 4 yrs now and today I confront him with lots of damage done. He took a look at my X ray and frowned...nodded his head in disbelief and told me there was lots to be heart sank and my head felt dizzy...

An extraction and a root canal for tomorrow and lots more to follow....

I am praying for my self today

I am scared...

PS. Realised that the more you run away from ur personal monsters the more the invincible they grow to be. But given a chance I will still run away yet again..maybe with a bag full of painkillers though.......

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The past few weeks....

When every blogable moment passed I sighed. I couldn't get to the computer to update. And the moment vanished. Nope I really don't have a little note to jot down the event. Maybe I should start doing that.

My Acha wasn't feeling very good and had a little surgery and around the same time my Amma had a fall and sprained her leg. Had my dear Anna and Valliachan to help me out though. They came down from Trivandrum at the right time and were of great help all through the dull moments. I was shuttling between hospital and home....My parents had a tough time ...went through a lot of pain...I hate to see them hurt....God got us across the hurdles ....Thank God and for all the Angels who helped us through the ordeal.

Acha blames it on 'Sani''s transition and Amma on carelessness....I just think that its bad luck but find it reliveing that I got the oppurtunity to look after both my parents ...though I did have moments of anger and frustation...which I regret now. I have to say M also went through a ruff patch since M's Acha also was in hospital at the same time!..

Achu had a bad cough and cold and the doc says it wheezing...and I don't agree with him...He is better now and I seem to have inherited the coff and cold :)...

M was outta town to get my BIL's wedding fixed...One happy event amidst all the gloom...:D...The wedding is fixed and will be on 5th Feb 2010. Looking forward to all the Shopping ,Inviting, Eating and everything that comes with the wedding :):):):)

PS. Thinking on investing on a good laptop...a comfy one I can blog instantly....:)

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Learning to Love

Not many people in the world love you unconditionally...Atleast for me ..not many...I have realised that only my Amma and Acha have the unselfish love that even I cannot show as a parent to my child.

I am blessed to have them as my parents and there isn't a minute in my life that I fail to understand that and be thankful for that.

Unselfish Love is so so scarce and I have it in 2 ppl....I am guilty of being selfish even to those 2... out of sheer laziness that is...

I find that they are very good human beings. They love without expecting to be loved...which is very very difficult in my case. I can't bear it when love isn't reciprocated. I can love an enemy or a stranger because I seek and find some good in every soul ...BUT I can't love somebody who knows me well if that person hasn't shown me instances of love or has shown me instances of hate.....I have the patience ....but for how long....there is a point when i tend to never forget the misdoing or undoings of people I love ..and it is so tuff to cope ....they say forgive and forget....that isn't easy...not at all

PS. It is tuff to be good to ppl u love and don't see it than to be good to a person who u hate .....strange!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What have I done?????????

I begin the last month of this year today
I remember so many things I wanted to do by the end of the year still lieing there intact on my to-do list
I am guilty
I am sad
I am terribly lazy
even at being guilty and sad........

Score Sheet
Personal Acheivements : NONE
Professional Acheivements : NONE
Knowingly Done Any Good: NOPE
Unknowingly Done Any Good : How would I know...Jus hope I did

Rating for the Year : A total failure...and blame it on only the self

Any problems that lead to the failure other than self : NOPE
Infact I have all the support all around me ...God Bless

PS. It's a secret and will let it out when the New year sets in........