Saturday, July 23, 2011

Whatz Happening

  • Acha's results weren't very good this time round. All of us are pretty worried. The doc told us to continue the meds for another 20 days and get back to him with the scores. Hoping things turn out good.
  • Amma is still fighting the flu that refuses to leave her. Trying to convince her to go for a master health check up. But there's this phobia our family has towards check ups that is keeping us away from having it done.
  • M is very much in town these days. We flicker,bicker and then snicker....the whole process is getting quicker! There are days when we LOL in togetherness and then there are days when we need to SOS.
  • Achu's health is my major concern. His cold isn't letting go. Have been trying all the home remedies ( Though not too sincerely) and visited the doc but nothing seems to work. He missed school for 2 days this week. 
  • I am in my own world of imperfection. The minute motivation strikes I get all worked up but sadly it lasts for less than a minute.Somewhere far away a voice keeps telling me " Time is running away. Use it wisely when you can."
Ps. Insecurity encapsulates my whole self. The fight I know will be alone. To be well equipped is my aim....efforts put in.....nil!..God are you listening?   

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Quick Update

Wow! Its been a month since I got to write on my blog. Nah! Wasn't that busy...just lazy to sum up things that were happening's the list
  • Acha's follow up score was good. A big relief to the whole family.:)
  • Amma had her does of colds,coughs and fever. She is still recovering. I got her birthday all wrong. She celebrates her birthday this month.Planning out something special. Yeah! She hates the fuss but then...I need to fuss...It's my birthright :)
  • Achu is a big boy. I barely get to spend any time with him now a days.I get him ready for school. Which happens with conversations at varied decibels and cannot be considered as quality time spent.He's at school from 7.45am-2.30pm.I pick him up, check his lunch box first then check for HW. I get back after my Yoga at 8.00pm. Feed him his dinner while he watches TV or jabbers stuff or cajoles me to play cars. Sit with him to complete his homework.Put him in bed at 9.30-45pm.....Where's the time??????
  • M is busy at work.He has to shuttle between states all through this month. We did get alot of time together when my cousin, niece and nephew were here. A bit of EA , a movie, a bit more of Skywalk, eating out , window shopping....that was a nice dose of togetherness 
  • Watched a couple of movies...Kung fu Panda 2,180 and Carz 2.Bad theatre, missing almost 30 minutes of the move made Kung fu Panda a bore...enjoyed the climax though. 180 was an ok movie....picturised well but suffered a seriously slim story line....Carz 2 was awesome..I loved it and so did Achu...
  • Picked up a few books at landmark's 3 for 2 offer. In the process of reading.
Ps. Damn lazy to type. Life has been a a rush....I stop right here to thank all the people in my life who make up for the good and the bad.....the journey so far is good....God Bless