Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Masakali-ing in Delhi

What I did
  • My first trip to the capital .We stayed at The Park  where the Rooms were impractically classy and the Food sumptuously yummy 
  • The initial 2 days had us in total greenery while the remaining 3 days  we understood that every city had its greens and greys 
  • Visited the Red Fort, Qutub Minar ( yeah right from the history books to reality it jus popped out....) and the India Gate
  • didn't do any shopping as we felt there wasn't much of a difference ...maybe we needed somebody who knew where to go....we shuffled our way through the shop filled lanes of  Palika bazaar and the like 
  • I really wanted to sink my teeth into some hot jelebis and local cuisine but couldn't :(
  • Went to Delhi - 6.... wanted to do the Masakali dance but restrained ;) ( the maturity meter)  didn't stop me from humming the song.....over and over again
PS. If the Destination be Delhi then the Project is Jelebis ;b ( can hear my M go " is there anything other than food that crosses your mind ????) 

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