Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bald and beautiful??

Like I mentioned in my one of my previous blogs ...K,N and Lil L and our family had a trip to tirupathi for my long overdue mottai. yes am all bald and feeling slightly funny this time round..Lil L had her head tonsured as well...

Advantages of not having the locks
  • When u have a bath :The first mugs of water are sooooo refreshing since it hits the scalp d i r e c t :)
  • Dressing time saved by 15 minutes....includes the time to dry hair , comb, dry again, comb, comb till the fourteenth minute and then plait it at jet speed
  • No hair on the brush or comb results in a  happy M
  • No hair products on the shelf 
  • It feels light always sweaty neck and shoulder this summer
  • A few compliments on my new look...hey I got one from my amma now that's gotta be true alright...truly pacifying atleast  
  • Random kisses on the head from Achu ( huggy buggy )
  • have to go around with a scarf over the head until the scalp looses its bare look.....and in summer its bad...nope I don't have the looks of Persis Khambatta, Nandita Das or the more recent model Diandra Soares to carry off a hairless head.... 
  • Atleast in chennai you don't get stared at since 1 out of 6 people are in one of the many stages of being bald to being fully layered...check it out its true....BUT in Kerala ...if they don't know you are frownable, teaseable, commentable material and if they know you ...they will ask you a million questions and still maintain being their questionable selves after you have given above average answers to all their queries....
  • All those lovely hair bands and clips are just lying around the place waiting to complete their karma 
Went to Delhi on a work assignment and skipped the scarf....over there nobody really cares on how u it was pretty good ...though I had to explain to a few resident colleagues about the whys-hows-wheres of going bald...and listening to their own stories of distant friends from the south having completed similar vows 

Now back in chennai am off the scarf and pretty much liking myself the way I am....on second thoughts maybe I should loose a couple of those extra kilos.....

PS. Going bald for the second time. I have one more to go.....maybe in a couple of years time...the first time I was insensitive to baldness but this time it was different ...I did feel the loss...but now am fine and happy...and enjoying the new me-sans-my-mane ;D

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