Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just an Update

  • Acha not feeling well after his trip to Kerala. He came back with a bad allergy and is feeling all drained out.
  • Amma has a bad cold and coff but still has the routine work of feeding 5 mouths and setting their day for them
  • MIL is sick and we don't know what is wrong. Hoping a few tests get things clear and she can get the right medication.
  • Achu has a coff and cold . Maybe from Amma. He is enjoying his sick leave. 
  • At work things are pretty hectic with a few deadlines cleared at the moment.
  • Our flat needs to be cleaned up and a million chores pending 
  • M and I shuttle between check ups, school, office and homes
  • A sort of unrest prevails all around
  • Its really peaceful to get into bed and dream through the night....in a different world
  • M and I still find small reasons to smile about ...but all of a sudden things seem not quite good
  • God's presence is felt ...
  • Prayers Prayers Prayers
Ps. There are so many decisions to take during the next few weeks....Have our fingers crossed and Holding onto God 

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