Saturday, February 13, 2010

Amma and Acha - Comeback Fast

Amma and Acha are going to Guruvayur today.They won't be here until thursday Morn. Four whole days without them means I have to do ALOT of things on my own. Wish I could go with them but I can't get into any temple for the next 5 days ...baaaah....

Sunday will breeze away with a visit to M's place and a bit of grocery shopping for the next 2 days :)

When Amma is here I only need to worry about the breakfast. But now I will have to plan for lunch and dinner as well.....hmmmm

Now this is what I have in mind

                   Monday (15)           Tuesday (16)                   Wednesday (17)                     

Breakfast     Dosa & Sambhar     Semiya Upma                 Idili & Tomato

Lunch          Rice, Dhal, Carrot    Rice, Rasam,Potato                               
                      Poriyal                      & Capsicum                

Dinner         Chapathi & Peas       Chapathi & Corn           
                         Curry                        Curry                            

And Achu will need Fish everyday ...which I have in my freezer already :) 

When Acha is here I don't need to worry about the car going to pick Achu ...Now that is something I have to set the alarm for at 11.45 am....

Let's see what happens

PS. I admire Moms who do all the housework, go to office and still remain Sane ( some are even cheerful!!!!!!!! )...someday I hope to be does the rest of the family around me :) hope is such a postive and wide term :):)

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