Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Manoharan Valiachan

Sometimes I feel Its good I wasn't there for his funeral.Its really tuff to look at an otherwise active mind and body , all stiff and lifeless. Am glad I didn't get to see him like that. Now all I feel is that he is still amidst us.

My manuvallliachan is a strong man. He is a workaholic. And being in the government service he never ever takes advantage of his position and didn't like others making use of his name too. He doesn't utilise the previleges offered to the positions he holds and being so principled earned him great respect and love from seniors juniors and counterparts.

He loves to read. He loves action movies. He enjoys conversations and knows to make them enjoyable as well.

To his children he is a strict and conservative father and always is blamed for being so. But today the children reap the the respect this wonderful father sowed. All the three of them are good human beings and are so because my valliachan is the father he is. What matters most in life is to succeed to be good humans....wealth, fame and education are all secondary.To his brothers and relatives he is a short tempered yet loving guide.   
My personal moments with him have always been brief and sweet. He asks me if am okay and smiles. I respect him. I wanted to get all my valliachans and valliammas blessings on my next trip to tvm...but alas my next trip did materilise but for a very sad reason........

The only long conversation I had with my valliachan was when my wedding was to be finalised with M much against my wishes. I wanted to study and work but my acha wanted me to get married to M. I hated it. My valiachan called me in person and asked me why I didn't want to get married and heard me through. I wept my heart out and he got convinced and respected my thoughts. He came out and told my Acha not to force me. But I finally got married to M which is another story altogether. He treated me like a mature human being. Nobody has and still doesn't. I know he still does.

My last conversation with him was in december when Acha had a little operation and Amma was in bed after a fall.
Me: Hello
Valliachan: Hello Unni onndha?( Is Unni there?)
Me: Arannu? ( who is this)
Valliachan: Molle ye valliachaney maranno?( have you forgotten this valiachan)
Me: Ayyyoooo valiacha adhela...voice manasilayilea..acha poojaroomilanu vilikanpareyete valiacha? ( Oh no didn't get the voice ...acha is doing pooja shall i ask him to call)
Valiachan: Ohhh sheri (ok)
Me: Valliachanu sugam thane? (Are you fine?)
Valiachan: ahhh...yenganeyo ponnu...mokku sugamthane ( hmmm jus movin on...how are you)
Me: evidhay achanum ammeykum sugamilelo valiacha adhukondhu ottamthanee ( here anmma and acha are sick so running about)
Valiachan: Adhu venam molle ...avare nokanam ( that is what is needed ...you have to look after them)
Me: sheri valiacha njan achaney vilikyan parayam (ok will ask acha to call)
Valiachan: Sheri (ok)

He is Manuvaliachan and will always be

Ps. The 'is' will become 'was' only when the mind tells the heart to. Am not going to let that happen . Its the heart that rules..................

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