Saturday, February 13, 2010

Memories of School

Those long corridors
The morning bell
Wednesday prayers
Gossiping and passing notes
Sudden tests which never happened
Discussing first crushes over
Lunchboxes with yummy food
I yearn to live that carefree life yet again
But Alas....Its a memory
And a memory it will remain
Yet am glad i have a handful of u
To prove to my present
The much cherished past I have been thru
Love and Miss you all

As I browsed through my friends list i found a few of my school friends among them....I drifted into that age when I had no other worries than the Annual simple life was...

I immediately sent this poem to all my school friends with whom i have spent almost 12 years of my life and whose friendship I will treasure forever...I belong to lucky few who have managed to fish out my mates from the different worlds they now belong to.....

We had one reunion last year and it was wonderful....the feeling of being with people who have shared those happy days is so different makes one feel young again....recollecting memories together makes it all the more interesting and enjoyable....

Waiting to organise the next reunion and hoping I have more buddies coming in to rekindle the school kid in us....

PS. Memories - Music to my each day joyfully so you end up have cheridhable school we didn't have to try to make them joyful  ...but today it takes an effort.........will try

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