Thursday, March 11, 2010

What rules the mind right now?

Everything is a rush....the day is slow but it is mind always blurts out 'What next?' ....I am slow ...I am blank....My mind lacks direction..I keep mumbling.... .get angry very fast....and I don't know why but I keep telling 'Yendhu cheyan?' ( what to do?) for no reason at all!!!!!!..but if I have to list out the things I want to do....
  • Holiday with my family or atleast with my lil fella
  • Meet up with friends 
  • Wake up at 10.00 am and still have nothing to do
  • Have long uninterrupted conversations with friends 
  • Declutter.... not out of interest but purely out of need
Ps. Not that I am overworked....A sense of void has taken over me for quite sometime now....I lack the drive and seem pretty lost in this little world of mine

1 comment:

  1. What happened de??? :) :) The drive is within you ,...and you need to work on it .... Such a lazy goose u r and u will not even have time to realize that ...heheh