Monday, March 15, 2010

The Movie Buff in me

Excitement reaches unforeseen heights each time I book tickets for a movie....I love watching movies...and its more fun when its in a dark room with blaring sound AND eats unlimited.

What I like
  • 3 hrs of disconnection from the outer world
  • into the world of fantasy
  • usually get to the theater early but sometimes (mostly) we wade thru dark shadows - our mobile lites the only aid
  • I remember the documentaries that used to be shown before the movie starts....patriotic ones...then there were these jewelery ads and saree ads.....
  • buttered popcorn,puff,cake,coke,coffee, the ice cream cones with watery vanilla and anything worth munching and gulping down without bating an eyelid
  • the executive sofa @ sangam ...cosy :)....( seemed quite low the last time round...excess wear and tear?)
  • the 'side' comments from the 'fronters' and whistles that welcome heroes and heroines with equal 33% here I should say:b
  • happy, comic, full of love, colors and english,hindi,malayalam,tamil and anyother lingo with subtitles ... movies should take you to another joyful land and bring you back like nothing had really happened...though I have watched tearjerkers and been touched by certain movies I prefer the jolly ones...
  • after the movie and a whole bunch of strangers will have one memory in common...the movie you jus watched!
What I dislike
  • Going after 15 minutes of the movie...
  • The smell of yucky smoke when I go to collect my eats supply...don't care for yourself fine ...what do we passive smokers do ???? grrrr....Men have to pee and smoke anywhere and everywhere...shameful
  • Nothing good to munch on...A Disaster :(
  • bad uncomfortable seats...I never go back to that theater
  • When there is more of noise than sound
  • the movie has a lot of action....I hate fights..No horrors for me... why pay money to scare yourself !!!!!
Does M like movies ?Yes. But...
  • you will have to ask him a zillion times , convince him the movie is a 'watchable' type,book the tickets, remind him a billion times 
  • and then he will come ...with the most uninterested look on his face.
  • when its time to get the yummy stuff he turns around and says its crowded ,"do you want anything?!!!!!!", jus had dinner , "why so much of stuff" and "I have only 2 hands"...
  • if the movie doesn't catch his fancy ...the usual " I told u so..." dialogue creeps up ..
If your asking me..why take him along
  • I have no other option
  • I am married to him and am still trying to get him to be the movie buff  I happen to be 
  • And if the going gets tuff ...the tuff get going....I go with my friends....
PS. Once upon a time I took Achu for this horrible movie( assuming its a comedy) and from that day he refuses to enter a now I have to get my amma to look after achu while we go for a movie....and we live happily ever after :D

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