Monday, August 24, 2009

An Affirmation at work

My Orkut / Facebook profile update for the month reads "August Affirms a Gust of August Augmentation of The Self".

So its the 24th of August 2009 and I haven't done anything towards making this update true....Let's twirl the time frame a wee bit and have a glance of some of the factors that infact do add up to some kinda up gradation of the self
  • My son Achu ...well... I don't think I have to explain that every new day with Achu is a new version of Motherhood makes u discover the inbuilt tools u have ...I love u Achu
  • Got myself gravely misunderstood at work causing a period of uncomfortable turns to a few thought-to -be well established relationships.Initially tried to be secretive about how miserable I felt but later blurted the whole thing as I can't act comfortable when am not . Am happy I expressed myself . It soothed the situation but I am sure I can't undo the knot completely. For things said can never ever be forgotten.....only forgiven and borne
  • A visit to an orphange did make me realise the gifts God has given me and stirred my conscience enough to make me do my little part for the community in the following days 
  • Ventured into a childhood passion that still haunts me in a very positive way - Dancing. That single day of rhythmical functioning made my heart and mind feel young and full of life. Though am not continuing the class ...the reasons will soon surface on the blog.... I truly found out that 
  1. it can never be too late to follow ur passion
  2. and that there are friends out there who sync totally with your wavelength ...its jus a matter of time before u meet them...jus takes some effort.
  3. and most importantly that there are genuine ppl who will guide u thru to make ur dream a reality.
  •  The flu phobia made me a cleaner person :)...mid-august I found myself being the clean freak I never could imagine I could get to be...Now the phobia and mania remains but have become a natural at it..;)
  • The phone calls/ messages I received on my Birthday from friends and realtives made me realise the  Strong Souls I have earned thru life was easy to earn and am finding it easy to maintain as well...that's why I call it Strong :)
  • Met and mingled with so many ppl this month who have surely have a couple of  traits  to be added  to my plain persona....admiration is the only word that I I always say "There is something good in every person I have met in life and the journey still continues".....never can anyone prove that wrong.
Now this blog might jus have a few more additions in the days to come .the more u think the more u have to add on..but my next blog what I would like to do the next  7 days to complete a super-duper August 2009

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