Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Life Is Crazy and I love it that way.....

Maybe I 've blogged about this before...but felt like doing it again. Was having a conversation with S and she triggered a sentence out of me which I loved so much because it was completely true. In a few moments my status msg on FB and Orkut was updated.....It read "Life is crazy and so are most of the ppl in it...BUT Count your blessings... Atleast you r Alive and Living !"

How is life crazy?
  • My Acha is still recovering but wants to work for the whole day. For the past few days all of us have been trying to dissuade him from coming in the afternoons. But he has won the battle and only breaks for a couple of hours for lunch..crazy workaholic
  •  My Amma is crazy but she HAS to be because she has a zillion things to do in the given 24hrs...yup she is at home...but Home is where the work is!!!! Do I help? No...I help by not getting into her way while she's at it ( if she ever gets to read this I'm doomed :)...)
  • My M is crazy because I make him crazy. Wait ...don't get to conclusions fast. When you are husband M and wife G its always an eye for an eye..and a tooth for a tooth....and jus like how he instills the craziness in me I follow...who did it first? HE....yeah this is my blog and so who else will I blame  myself??? funny!
  • My Achu ...the cutest craziness of my life
  • My job and co workers...are crazy cause am doing doing doing but never done....need to declutter...need to the blame game....baaah! the list is never ending
  • My Friends ...yeah so they ought to be crazy....Wonder why and how I can bear their craziness to whatever limit S says maybe u have to live with them to not digest their doings.
  • My world....oh oh ..don't I don't want to put in stuff in here...then I'll forget the whole purpose of the blog and start grumbling...It's crazy that's all !!!
Why I still Love life?
  • Life - God has made me complete and given me talents
  • Living - I have a comfortable home, food and clothing . With my family and friends.... I am surrounded with peace and lots of love 
while billions of others are denied the basic necessities.....I remain blessed. 
PS. I count my blessings everyday....each blessing has a purpose ..I have discovered the purpose but have to implement and succeed


  1. ahaaaaaaa...touchy touchy.. Does "S" refer to me ? ;)

    It is very very true.every blessing has a purpose.same way every happening ( good or bad) is for a good cause..we are not brilliant enough to appreciate that and hence we mourn over bad happenings.. Every happening has to be CELEBRATED !! but if you can see and treat happiness and sorrow in the same way, then you become saint.. So it is PERFECTLY alright to be crazy .. Humans are supposed to be crazy ... but beware .. Craziness varies from person to person..heheh

  2. Moththathilu randennaththinum vattayeeeeee!!!!!!

  3. - @Ssb... S refers to u di :)..crazy gal :b
    - @Sranj...same to u :D