Monday, December 28, 2009

Busy-ness Ahead

The coming months are filled with work and pleasure trips.

January first week - Will be in Delhi on a work assigment. Heard its pretty cold in Delhi. Any suggestins on how to combat the chill are welcomed from the experienced lot.

January second week - This week will begin with Grandparents Day at Achu's school. Achu is singing a song :). Then comes the Mom's event which am looking forward to attend. And will see me doing a lot of shopping personally and with M's family for my BIL is getting married early February. I love shopping and this is going to be fun.Might be some inviting work if its not over when we are in Delhi.

January third week - Beautification of our flat, Packing stuff, informing the school that Achu will not be coming for a week, Last minute stitching amidst Pongal celebrations which majorly includes watching TV

January fourth week - Sending off MIL, FIL and BIL , getting tensed jus for the heck of it :b, Calling up all my friends and informing I won't be there for a whole week and make sure they miss me :b

February First week - I think all of us know what happens when your the Older DIL at Your BIL's Wedding. Lots of dressing, talking, smiling, eating and walking.... phew.....Won't have much work since M's family is huge with cousins and mama's and mami's all over and we belong to the previleged boy's side afterall :). Achu is gauranteed to have lots of happy times with all his cousins.

February Second Week - Getting MIL's Place ready for the new bride:):):)....Then maybe we will get the oppurtunity to go to all the places The new couple is invited to a yummy meal.....And if the flat is fit for public display then we invite them as well otherwise they might have to wait to be invited like the others who at this juncture I would like to thank for the patience they have exhibited for the past 2 years

PS. These happy weeks ahead there will be many moments to cherish and God Bless us all for nothing is possible without the Supreme's presence......   

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