Friday, May 7, 2010

A Cuppa Tea

Can a woman...yes I said A woman get up from her office seat, walk down the stairs, cross the road, to the bunk kadai (the small tea stall) and drink a cuppa tea with a biscuit without being stared at??????????


I didn't try....and I don't have the guts to...but love to do that.

Maybe at a restaurant or a cafe it would be fine that's a slight relief ...since 10 years ago even that wouldn't  go unnoticed.....

PS. The pains of being a South Indian Woman?


  1. :-(
    But you know what.. I used to do this when I worked as a medical representative!! no other choice for me.. and at that age.. who cares if ppl are staring..(not tea though... I love that nannari sarbath or the naranga soda!!!thats avlbl in such bunk stalls in Kerala)

  2. I dont know which place your office is... but here in my office...many women used to take tea, snacks in outside office stalls.
    Somebody has to start it, then it will become usual. No one will stare afterwards.

  3. @Sranj: yumm nannari sharbath is my favorite :)
    @Karthik: In groups its fine but as a single woman I find it funny..maybe its me who is outdated :)