Thursday, May 27, 2010

Anniversaries galore

This month....

My SIL's Inlaws celebrated their 50th anniversary...we had great fun at the party.

My Inlaws celebrated their 43rd was a family get together at a hotel for lunch.

My Parents celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary this sunday....

I did have plans to give them a good relaxing holiday but God had other plans.....

My Acha fell ill this Monday and is advised bed rest for the next 15 days :(

So this is what I did

I rented out a few DVD's of good Malayalam movies and took it home yesterday ...told them it was meant to be a surprise but thought of checking the DVD player which was dormant all its life and just as I thought the player had picture but no color or sound....So today I went to a service center and fixed it.Now they can start celebrating 2 days in advance :)

And we have earthquakes happening off and on in our seventh year of togetherness....M and I have a very very long way to go......God you have a lot of homework to do :)

PS.I know my Acha and Amma deserve more than jus a couple of rented DVDs.Would give them my life ...But I guess this is better than the unused,chipped and termite infested carom board I got them last anniversary hehehehehe

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