Saturday, September 25, 2010

Waiting for October

There are things happening in September....
And am making them happen
A few of the To-dos will vanish
Though I wish all of them would
October I pray will be
A new beginning

Ps. Will let out all that is september ...jus wait for a couple of days ok :)


  1. Yeeeeeeeeeeee. Waiting for the update eagerly..i knew for sure that you havent done anything till sep 25th ..and also knew that started "one of 1000" couple of days ago... Like our Commonwealth organizers, you are trying to catch up the whole month activities in the last five days.. let me see :)

  2. - yes girlie...though things are not as I 'planned' it to be...will try my best :)
    - I am sure glad ur reminding me every now and then :b