Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Here are few things M gifted me that are lying in some safe corner of our multidimensional home....
  • Camera: The major attraction being the PINK cover -  I have a Nokia 5MP camera phone then why do I need to carry another camera around?
  • Laptop: While I wanted a small handy one he got me a mega sized monster with all the multimedia stuff. He was upset I complained and sold the Dino.
  • Ipod: I like it but am not gizmo enough to use it. Load it and give me and I will use it. I hate the whole process of charging and downloading stuff.
  • Pearl Sets: They have found their second home in my closet which is better than their old fashioned oyster home.Haven't really found 'that' occasion to disturb them.   
  • Salwar suit materials from Jaipur and the likes - I stitch stuff only when I have a function or a trip coming up in the next 24 hrs. The materials he got me range from the 'I-dont-like' shades to the 'kewl' shades so I am either disinterested to stitch it or jittery about how the tailor will stitch it. You need to be a gal to understand this bit. And if you still can't figure out the fuss you need to be me.
PS. Today was trying to use the Ipod he got me :) That's when I thought I need to blog. Do I sound ungrateful ? :) I have got gifts I have loved as well. Ranging from lovely perfumes, watches, clothes, phones to perfect holidays.....and I totally know that the intention behind all the above mentioned yet-to-use gifts is Love and Love only...but then hey am wife material and whining happens to be my birth right :D    

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