Friday, April 29, 2011

Time Machine

Early in the morning I heard a car back up tune and it brought back memories.

Made in India by Alisha Chinai. Sigh! I still remember getting introduced to Indian Pop with this song. So as I was saying, this sudden flashback has lent me a strong urge to write about the songs that still make me smile or tap my feet.Here's the list not exactly in chronological order
That was so nice.Recollecting all those singers and songs, am feeling young again. Going back to the age when films,songs,dance,exams,friends and food  were the only concerns in life......Sigh!

PS. Songs are really Time machines.:)



  1. Gayathri, its like you made me nostalgic. I am sure you would have enjoyed Sonu Nigam's albums too. :) I used to love Sonu.. :)

  2. - Hi Dee! Thanks for stopping by :)...Sonu had and still has a lil gap between his true self and the song he sings...never gets across to be opinion that is :D...lovely songs though