Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Venus Calling

My FB Status message today "Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus....High time we got back to our own Planets :b"
 Totally upset over how men  get to be total %^&* and still get away with it.
I haven't been verbal about it but I need to vent
Most of the men in my life ...
  • feel they deserve what they get and so are never grateful
  • find it demeaning to request/ask so they only demand
  • never listen but need total attention when they drop a word or move a toe
  • claim to be always right so the other side happens to be always wrong
  • swear that being loud = being right
  • hate shopping with women or claim to hate it  
  • underestimate women...on second thoughts...underestimates everything except self (which stands totally over estimated )
  • never admit their solutions came from sources other than their grey cells ( unless they want to flatter someone)
  • can't whisper and want the whole world to know they are on the phone
  • are untidy and feel their gender doesn't allow them to tidy up
  • can't digest failure or swallow success
  • have a king sized bloated ego ( make that a capital B and E) and a pea sized brain (conservative in all dimensions)  
    Self respect is healthy until it starts eating away another person's respect.I am so unlucky that a majority of the men I meet happen to fall under more than one of the above points.Even the most humblest man needs to be acknowledged that he is humble.I have heard that a lot of money was spent so that Mahatma Gandhi could live a simple life :)
    Venus, here I come.......
    Ps. Why haven't I mentioned about women? That's for men to write about.
    Why haven't I mentioned any good about men?...Simply because I'm in no mood to zoom the minuscule
    Gee! Just when I thought I wouldn't be complaining anymore......

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