Saturday, April 16, 2011

The Son

His birth was
just a biological event
Born with him
a thousand emotions
and ever rising
Feeding him
With shares
his and hers
He grew
into a charming lad
Old enough to graze
Her eleven cows

It was his birthday
And she had added
another cow
To count to his age
As the special supper
sumptuously simmered
Cows the whole dozen
Were back in time
cowherd astray
That fateful day
she lost her dear
The line of control
he unknowingly crossed
She fought
With shadows
at blurring heights
Talks held
Treaties flipped
All in vain
Each night
her pillows wet
Each dawn
Her wait begun
A childless mother
a nightmare she
refused to accept

One by one
The cattle count grew
She never failed
her practice
It kept her well
at body and mind
All the prayers
All the love
All those years
of endless hope
brought back her son
Bodily weak
but strong within

Came back to
his loving mother
and cattle...
a double dozen.

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