Saturday, April 2, 2011

When cricket happens...

  • the boys are busy and are attracted to the same sex for company
  • the girls are busy feeding them with intervals of  tea and bites ( we hate it!)
  • otherwise the girls are just catching up on gossip at peace ( we love it)
  • the roads are empty
  • the mannequins dressed in team attire
  • Ind Vs Pak equates to be more than just a game
  • but the sales people at shops go blank
  • the eardrum receives endless streams of commentaries
  • the office is as silent as the match is
  • the Alt and Tab keys suffer
  • if your status msg doesn't have cricket you are ignored
  • every advertisement has to feature a cricketer
  • the remote has a single owner
  • the whole nation's patriotic veins pop-out
PS. While my whole world is watching cricket I type....All the hype never gets to me...After all its just another game! 

UPDATE: Well yes I am here to tell you that I got bitten by the Cricket bug. It was a great match afterall. The Sri Lankans were equally deserving and that made the win more meaningful. For once I was happy we won and sad the Lankans lost. It would take another over hyped  series and finals to get me talking about cricket again.

My FB Status read "Cricket hasn't been my favorite game.Always wondered why there had to be so much of a hype. Every advertisement has a cricketer, shops selling the team attire, the India-Pak match given final match status(!!!) and equating cricket to patriotism. Yesterday it happened to me.The cricket bug bit me and bit me hard :).One more reason to be a proud Indian.Winning against an equally wonderful team Sri Lanka made the victory meaningful. It was a game and I enjoyed it.The Comedy is that the players will be given demi-god status until the next flop show they put up.So Blue Boys soar high until India wonders why.JAI HIND!"

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