Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Lemons in Life

  • Appa had a little eye problem. Had a few tests done. Doesn't seem very bad. Needed new glasses.He is still on medication. Hope he gets better soon. He hates having pills you know.
  • Am into yoga now. Totally :). Oh! you guessed it. If am regular its only because I have company A, my school friend comes with me. We are on the beginners 3 month course. A is so flexible and am as stiff as a frozen sausage. But these 5 days of yoga sure has made me a happier person. Remember what happens when gals meet......;b.....But seriously I feel a bit agile you know.
  • Amma needs some good rest. Am planning out a schedule that will ease her routine.She keeps telling me she needs a break. Its high time I do something. Any ideas?...Hey! Its her birthday tomorrow!!
  • Achu's school reopens next week. Have to jot down a menu. Can't imagine getting up sooooo early and sending him to school with snack,lunch et al...Just imagine ...he has to leave by 7.35 am max!!!!!!!..sheeeshhhhh!
Ps. Life is throwing lemons at me....a few caught me unawares and am making lemonade outta the other few :)..Pray God gives me the strength to make the best out of the worst....or rather don't give me the worst...please don't.

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