Monday, July 26, 2010

The Three 'Mottai'keteers

Yesterday we met was quick, unplanned and far from being satisfying. What I call a satisfying meet is the meet we had months ago. This one is just a fill up. The main reason behind it was because P , A and I had our heads tonsured and we wanted to personally see how we looked....individually and together. U had come as well to judge how we looked :)

I had my mottai first then came P then A. But on analysing we found A's hair had grown faster than the two of us.

Next it was about the greys.I had the least ...yipeeee and then there was P and A had the most. My hair is curly so even the little grey I have didn't show. While the other two had straight hair and the greys popped out here and there.
Then it was the weight gain. A told me I had reduced considerably. While P refused to accept the fact( yeah! the fact ).

After which it was my hands which seemed darker than the rest of my body. It seems my hands look like that of an old lady ( no this is NOT a fact). I thought my hands always looked awful.Well maybe the manicure I was planning to do right from the last time I did when was that...I really don't know..might do the trick.

Wondering why all the discussion was about me. Maybe because I was the last one to arrive.

where u ask? At Shree Mithai.

What we had

A - chilli mexican bean pizza and fries - really hot hot hot
P - Tacos and Nacho - Very indianised sevpurish mexican dish
U - Veg Burger - Uneventful
Me - American Burger - Disappointing
Achu - fries - the saviour

To drink : A ordered some sweet lime , while U,Achu and I ordered coffee and P had some mocktail

What did we discuss?...not much...we barely had the time to. All we did was grumble between swallowing the food and sipping the drink.

Like I said this wasn't a proper meet...just a hi-munch-gulp-bye meet :)

Ps. Whatever it is when we gals meet its a celebration of souls who have passed through life's ups and downs together..and wish to do the same forever more....sniff

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