Thursday, July 29, 2010

Totally Excited

Am so excited my friend S had her baby yesterday. :):):):):)

A normal delivery. A beautiful gal.A bitta blood loss. But hey look at what u gained.Yet another Bundle of Joy. After 9 whole months of listening to what the world has to say to a expecting mother you have a soul that will listen to u :)(only till the age of 16 in our times...but now I guess kids have their own mind right from 2)

While S was at hospital Achu,M and I were at the same hospital waiting to meet our doc for Achu's 5 yr vaccine!!! I didn't know she was in the labour ward. Maybe God Wanted me to be there at the same place she was....wish I knew she was there...wish I called....Anyways it's a nice feeling to know I was that truly is....:)

Anyways S, A and lil Nandu congratulations and tight hugs...

PS. God Bless :)

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