Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Hunt for a Home

We still haven't got ourselves a decent place to call 'our' home...because I believe that M's house is 'his' home ...My house is 'my' home ...and Our House is 'our' home...and while a house in the middle of Chennai is quite unimaginable to get hold ..we have been in the look out for a decent vain sighhhhhh!

Definition of Decent ( Things we cannot compromise on) :
1. Rent within our budget - why are budgets and rates inverse always!
2. A seemingly spacious layout - Get in some sunlight builders and chuck the dingy corridors.
3. Vasthu Compliant - gotya there didn't I :)
4.  No Water Shortage - that's a necessity na.
5. Not on the highest floor and GF or first is best or second is there's a third....The summers of chennai last a year and  if we are outta power its a pain to get grocery and water up...I don't wanna exercise those thin ( I hear thunder) thighs of mine and neither M's f(l)at tummy :D
6. Parking - not the one liners where we end up early risers when the thatha on the third floor wants to go to the temple/station or wake up the early- to-bed crowd to park our tyres ..its always a 'carbane' for a bargain

Added advantages :
1. Security...who generally are within 65-95 yrs old but have learnt the art of 'locking' the gate without really locking it and can generally get you stuff  from the nearest store at .0000005m/hr ( On a serious note: I really pity these seniors who still have to work for their living )
2. Play Area...sure am asking for too much...dream big they say!

Added Attractions :
1. Some kids of Achu's age around the block ....I wish... sighhhhh!
2. Servants explanation required no?

After all the owner and agent talks and screening each of those places for the perfect place......our dear old neighbour at the old flat gave us a suggestion we are going to try...."The ironing fella round the corner...he will help you find a home" he said...

Hoping this tip irons the crinkles out of our lives and gives us a warm home..... 

Ps. More than us its my amma who is having a tuff time handling all the work. If we get a good flat she will have some time for herself....Prayers.


  1. All the best girlie ...

    now a days , gettingg a husband is easier than getting a house for rent .. ROFL

  2. - getting a flat is easy...
    - getting a 'decent' flat is tuff!
    - getting a husband is easy....
    - getting a 'decent' husband is a myth! :p
    - the 'decency' concept varies on a case to case basis :D

  3. Being a wife is easy!..
    Being a decent wife?

    again, the "decency" concept varies on a case to case basis!

  4. -@sranj:grrrrrr....being a wife isn't easy at all...then where does being that 'decent' wife stand- Impossible!
    - But sranj you get me that 'decent' husband and I'll surely get you the 'decent' wife :b