Thursday, October 14, 2010

I am Happy today...

  1. Acha had his follow up with his doctor today and things are FINE. Yipeeeeeeee! He is doing good. A Big Relief.
  2. Yesterday I had a wonderful evening with friends ( U, S and B) at U's Golu. Achu also had a gala time with N and M.
  3. On the work front deadlines have no meaning since we are done with all the files that needed attention.
  4. Have to get the office ready for Pooja. Its exciting to plan and execute something otherthan work, at office.
  5. God is watching over me :)
Ps. Like I said today is beautiful...I am relishing each moment ...I am grateful to alot of family and friends...for there is nothing more peaceful than having a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean :)   

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