Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Aadukalam for Anniversary

The first anniversary 7 years back was spent at mayajaal. The movie we could watch was " Devathaiyey Kandein" starring Danush and Sreedevi. We didn't have a choice.

So on the 7th anniversary we decided to watch a movie starring Danush.This time it was "Aadukalam."

How it all started....

The morning began with a few wishes from relatives,cousins and friends frantically wanting to know what we were going to do and what M gave me and I gave him.The calls and messages came ONLY to me because M seemed oblivious until breakfast when I  had to mention the difference between yesterday and today. GOD!

Me :I received a lot of condolences today....
M: Huh! for what   
Me: For having tied the knot
M: Oh! Today-a

And then we left to office....
11.30 am - normal
12.30 pm - normal
1.30pm - very normal
2.00pm - hungry so called M and Acha to leave for lunch
Driver left early since he had some work and so M and I drove back home

Me: Hey shall we go for a movie
M: A Danush starrer like the first year...moderate smile
Me:Anything ( am desperate when it comes to movies )
Me: There's Seeruthai . Heard its full of violence. Then there's Kaavalan..which has vijay in it err then there's Aadukalm....Atleast the gal looks cute ...
M: Ticket kedekuma? ( will we get tickets)
Me: hmm Let's see

Discussion ends

After lunch
I revive talks and refresh updates about the show timings and halls from the paper. We plan to leave to office and check if the tickets are available, book and then go.

So we were booked for the 7.15pm show.

The movie wasn't what I expected it to be. Both of us didn't like it. Clear? Now for some details.
Dhanush: Rural self 99.9% charming 00.1%
The new gal: Cute 100%  scope 0%
The story: of a  guru-sishyan relationship.
The backdrop : a village with a cockfight tournament forming the base

Ps. Had a great day....anything other than the ordinary is great na?

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