Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Aditi Devo Bava

When we have guests/relatives at home its normal work plus
  • Paying the extra bills - Acha's work
  • Organising their appoinments around the city -Acha's work
  • Have to plan the cooking /ordering for the day - Amma's work
  • Set up the rooms - Amma's work
  • Clean , clean and clean - Amma's work
So do I enjoy having guests/relatives...sure because amma does all the hard work and I end up
  • taking short breaks from work - The size depends on the workload and funload
  • visiting malls..old and new - the only chance I get to explore them
  • catching a movie or two - the planning happens before they land here. Am a total movie freak...and I love the intervals too
  • chit chatting,gossiping,solving world problem from the couch - My vocal chords never give up or in
  • visiting other relatives known and unknown - refreshments for the mind and tummy
  • shopping with and for them - love it
  • having extra servings of junk food - love it to the power infinity...
Strenuous? Absolutely :)

The year began with a string of  loved ones housing themselves with us. It was sure cozy and nice.

I was crying when they all left one after the other :(

Now am waiting for the next batch to arrive.....come fast folks we've got a whole new year to cuddle through ...

Ps. Well, strangely after all the work Amma had to do and is doing...she had tears in her eyes when each of them that is something... I love you Amma're an absolute Gem

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