Monday, May 2, 2011

Of this and that

  • Went for a seminar at the Institute to gain CPE hours.Glad I went for it.
  • Got a few books from Landmark. Their having a 50% off on a section of books. Have to go and dig a bit more.
  • The heat is rising , power shut downs more often, watermelons and cucumbers on the road, a lot of sweat....Its the summer of 2011 at Chennai
  • Routine : AC room - AC car - AC cabin - AC car - AC shop - AC car - AC room . End of day. Willis I love you :)
  • Have to salute to the ironing man, the construction workers, the factory workers and the many who have to toil in the hot sun. Thank my Amma for standing in the kitchen which equals a furnace and still providing us yummy food. 
Ps. Have alot of reading to do.

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