Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Snap goes the Cable

Our power cables snapped at 8.55 pm yesterday. Called the power guys and they inspected the place and found a burnt cable.It was a hot summer's night and we were not very glad to know that our cooling appliances were not gonna work until the next day.

Panic followed by expressions and emotions that resembled a family of ants disturbed by a burnt out match
Amma: Oh no! What to do let's go to a hotel
Acha: Let me call B and find out if anything can be done
Me: Let's go to a hotel ...for a change
Achu: Amma pediyarikkunu (Am feeling scared)

Candles and emergency lamps lit, we created our own fans with Achu's puzzle books, the day's paper and a marriage invitation card.

Option 1
Since it was still early we checked a hotel close to our house. Extravagant you call it?....bear necessity I call it...it was boiling...thankfully we didn't have any mosquito friends buzzing into our eardrums. But then hey it was hot and we were bathing in sweat.
Acha: Double rooms available?
Reception: for which date
Acha: Tonite
Reception: From where are you sir?
Acha: K...which is just 1/2km from the hotel
Reception: No sir no rooms
Possible reasons of denial: Love birds in search of a escape location, terrorists, a family deciding to end their life seeking the best place to do it :)
There goes option 1

Option 2
A few other hotels were rejected by all of us, taking turns at it, the reasons ranging from no pick up vehicle*, poor ambiance,distance to many more....
The fanning got even more frantic
Then we decide to stay back and enjoy summer on the terrace or in our own furnaces with our self made equipments to prevent us from melting.
9.25pm....With various other heated options faded the minute they flared
we settled..Achu boy fell asleep.

Option 3
Acha called up AA who was at P, 2 kms away from home. He mentioned about all that had happened. And she was so sweet to offer to ask her daughter BA to come and pick us up. Amma and I found the idea highly unfair since BA would have been just back after a hard days work and settled down at home. Would you be liked to be disturbed by a relative just when you had cool wash,got into those cozy pyjamas, a hot drink in hand,settled down to read a book and planned to doze off after a long tiring day???? I wouldn't. It would be slightly ok if the relatives barged in and wanted some space in your pre cooled room and bed. It just needs you to have a angelic smile (fake or real doesn't matter),welcome them and vanish into your den.But this meant to take your car, pick the 4 hot humans of varied age and aptitude, bring them home, listening attentively to their power shutdown tragedy make arrangements for them to sleep with and without you, serve them food and then settle to share your once cozy bed with a sweaty adult and child-roller. Would You? NO

But BA did all of the above and more.Thanks BA.You are a total GEM.And AA made us feel like it was our birthright to be there. (We the shameless exercised it to the max.)

And it was Acha's Option 3 that clicked.

It took the whole of today's morning before we had signs of the cable guys coming. They did it all up by 2.30pm.Achu and I were back home in the morning while Amma and Acha stayed back. 

PS. Inverters are in! We need to get one immediately. The goodness that shines in certain souls turned on the inverters in me....One of those days you are ashamed to be you and amazed to see some amazing ppl still around :)

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