Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The past few weeks....

When every blogable moment passed I sighed. I couldn't get to the computer to update. And the moment vanished. Nope I really don't have a little note to jot down the event. Maybe I should start doing that.

My Acha wasn't feeling very good and had a little surgery and around the same time my Amma had a fall and sprained her leg. Had my dear Anna and Valliachan to help me out though. They came down from Trivandrum at the right time and were of great help all through the dull moments. I was shuttling between hospital and home....My parents had a tough time ...went through a lot of pain...I hate to see them hurt....God got us across the hurdles ....Thank God and for all the Angels who helped us through the ordeal.

Acha blames it on 'Sani''s transition and Amma on carelessness....I just think that its bad luck but find it reliveing that I got the oppurtunity to look after both my parents ...though I did have moments of anger and frustation...which I regret now. I have to say M also went through a ruff patch since M's Acha also was in hospital at the same time!..

Achu had a bad cough and cold and the doc says it wheezing...and I don't agree with him...He is better now and I seem to have inherited the coff and cold :)...

M was outta town to get my BIL's wedding fixed...One happy event amidst all the gloom...:D...The wedding is fixed and will be on 5th Feb 2010. Looking forward to all the Shopping ,Inviting, Eating and everything that comes with the wedding :):):):)

PS. Thinking on investing on a good laptop...a comfy one ...so I can blog instantly....:)

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