Monday, December 28, 2009

Ear-gear in Chennai this Winter

The chilly chennai breeze gets into your ear

Your M's Sinus worsens and he needs hot water and a hug every time he sees you ;b
Your Achu's Nose is blocked and voice has cracked at 4 yrs!!!!!!!
Your Amma who does 90% of your job gets a coff ,cold and feels feverish ( Ohhh No)
You get a bad cold with occasional coff
All of the above witness thick yellow flem first thing in the morning

Noticed the new trend this winter in Chennai?
The head gear...or rather the Ear gear
This headphone kinda thingy that can be placed over the ears.
It has become a rage in Chennai
I find every Kuppu, Vadivu and Bhai sporting one
They come in military colors
And in different sizes

Wondering how the poor bikers can listen to their FM with this gear on ...They have the will so they sure will find a way

Am I getting One?
Am getting Three
for M, Achu and Me

PS. Going by the old saying.... Am just 'Preventing' the chilly breeze from getting a few bucks into my ENT's pocket :) Go for the Ear-Gear babe...It's in and it's a sure Win

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