Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Learning to Love

Not many people in the world love you unconditionally...Atleast for me ..not many...I have realised that only my Amma and Acha have the unselfish love that even I cannot show as a parent to my child.

I am blessed to have them as my parents and there isn't a minute in my life that I fail to understand that and be thankful for that.

Unselfish Love is so so scarce and I have it in 2 ppl....I am guilty of being selfish even to those 2... out of sheer laziness that is...

I find that they are very good human beings. They love without expecting to be loved...which is very very difficult in my case. I can't bear it when love isn't reciprocated. I can love an enemy or a stranger because I seek and find some good in every soul ...BUT I can't love somebody who knows me well if that person hasn't shown me instances of love or has shown me instances of hate.....I have the patience ....but for how long....there is a point when i tend to never forget the misdoing or undoings of people I love ..and it is so tuff to cope ....they say forgive and forget....that isn't easy...not at all

PS. It is tuff to be good to ppl u love and don't see it than to be good to a person who u hate .....strange!


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  2. push them two steps down from your priority list... the pain lesser.. try it!