Monday, December 28, 2009

My Personal Monster -II

I started from office with my Acha at around 2.30pm for the dreaded appointment was at 4.00 pm.

M agreed to escort me to my monster but was held up doing the usual boy stuff of testing yet another car. He told me he would reach home just in time for us to leave. Not knowing that any instance of upsetting my set plan would cause my BP to shoot up.

Went home ate, brushed my teeth and was waiting for Dear M to arrive. And he did at 2.50pm. He ate and then asked me if I was ready to leave. I nodded.

Acha asked me if I needed his presence. So sweet of him :) I wouldn't mind the whole world coming with me but then I said it was ok since My strong M was coming with me.

We were in the car. The traffic at this hour was kinda suprising.
And M started " I have to pick up my LIC papers. Let's do it on the way".
Me: "What???? Noway we will be late for the appointment...grrrrrr"
M: "Don't be stupid this will take just a couple of minutes"
Me: Sulking with tear filled eyes thinking how cruel a man could be.
Here is a little gal waiting to confront her hugeeeee monster and this man wants to get his work inhuman ..grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

He hardly took 5 minutes and we were back on track.
4.00 pm sharp we were at the monster's clinic.......................

PS. For the man everything other than his problems seem simple ..he doesn't even want to think the way a women thinks...while a women thinks for herself AND for others...for some women it comes naturally, for some women because they have no other choice..and a few other women just start becoming men :)

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