Monday, December 28, 2009

The Personal Monster - III

Went up to the Girl at the front desk and gave my file. She looked at it and smiled. I went all cold at that smile. Was that a smile of consolation I wondered frightfully.

I asked her which tooth was to be extracted and I also had to have a RCT. Its the Right molar and Right middle tooth for RCT she said.

I knew it. Its the wrong side. All along I had this feeling that my doc was talking all Right and poor me thought she was mentioning about the Left molar extraction and RCT.Why?...Because it was the left side that was painful. My right side didn't hurt at all.

She vanished inside rather puzzled. She came back and told me to wait......again?...oh the suspense was torturing me......

My doc came out and called me. I felt numb all over. She asked me what the problem was and on mentioning my plight she told me she would work on my Left molar and do a little filling later on the front left tooth. Done. That solves the problem. Now what?

Ps- For the girl at the desk - am just another patient, For my Doc- am just another patient but for me this is An ordeal with the my Mental Monster. How different each percpective is for every single situation.


  1. Gayathri.. Hope the doc dint check the tooth film from the other side as Mr. Bean did...!!!! he he he

    Remember the doc extracted the tooth from the other side and the dumbo did realize only after reaching home... it was Mr. Bean himself who pulled it checked it and turned it when mounting it again!!!

  2. - yup nisha Achu and I have a Phd in The Bean Series :):):)
    - My next blog will make things more clear :)