Monday, January 4, 2010

Delhi - Do I Miss you?

M and I were to fly to Delhi on the 2nd of January 2010...But the flight got cancelled because of the fog in Delhi and my trip to delhi stands cancelled.....

Am Happy we didn't fly because
  • My Achu didn't want me to go. Though he was excited he was to get a train set when I get back...yeah call it the bait to make up for my absence
  • My Amma who is just recovering from a leg injury consented 100% with energy levels of barely 15% to look after Achu jus because she didn't want her daughter to miss going on a official trip... I love you Amma...:)
  • My Achu singing the welcome song for Granparents day at school and so I have a few days extra to get his costume ready
  • My teeth which needs attention as early as possible....and the monster is getting all hungry yet again...baaahhhhh
  •  My group of friends are organising an event and I am involved in it ..this means I can give in some more time into it
  • My BIL is getting married early next more week added to my I-can-shop-till-I-drop days
  • My work will find some completions finally ..since my presence will surely make things work faster
  • My flat can be beautified at ease....though the painting is postponed to next week
  • My body and mind are glad they didn't have to fight the Delhi cold
Am sad we didn't fly because
  • I wanted to do the job we were to be there for...very badly
  • I don't know where else to use the thermals I bought
  • I don't know what the on-flight movie was...I miss watching that :b
  • I wanted to know what Delhi @its coldest was like
PS. Hope to make full use of the time I gained in Chennai this week...... and my time starts now :)

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