Friday, January 29, 2010

The Gender Bias

After Marriage

The man doesn't have to leave his family after tying the knot....and if he does its considered to be a crime
While the girl belongs to the boys family and she just has to forget where she came from 

The man has the same duties ...of looking after ONLY his schedule ...and delegating most of the personal chores to the rest of the family
While the girl has to modify and fit in to the new family's routine....given a 3 months probation time....but immediate compatibility to environment would give you some extra points

The man's schedule.....Will you be coming for for lunch?...not sure....Are you working late?...I don't know
Do you want lunch ? ...yes but may be not....Are you going to office???? ...Might....!!!!!
while the girl has to submit a clear schedule with time and place where she will be available at...and must follow it too

The man's family is always right and takes
While the woman's family is always wrong and gives

The man is called the perfect husband
The woman is called the useless wife

After Child

The man can just walk out of the house shouting " I'll be back"
While the girl has to plan ...plan and plan before she can move 1 km away from home to buy some veggies for the family

The man wakes up, reads paper, wants his tea and drops baby at school because the wife is so dumb that she can't drive
The women has to wake up, cook breakfast,dress child, feed child, put clothes in washing machine, make tea, send baby to school.

The man is always busy
The woman always has to make time for everything

The man is called the doting father
The woman is called the dumb mother

PS: If I think I could write a book on this topic... I know there are exceptions....but the fact still remains ....that they are only exceptions.....:)

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