Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Pets and Me

This blog started off as a comment and became too long and so was promoted to a blog. And this is the blog that inspired me :)

- had a dog Benji when I was in school . He was a silky terrier. A cute little pup. I used to play with him cuddle him , teach him tricks and do everything that didn't come under the term 'dirty work'... together or seperate....Amma did that.....One Sunday when the whole family was back after a little outing  we found we lost Benji......Lost and not to be found.......
- Then I had cats..though they couldn't fill the gap benji left...loved them too...a dozen of them in my backyard....they visit me only for dinner though....Tom cats, pregnant cats, soon to be pregnant cats and lots of kittens in all sizes....I was breeding cats...We would have the cat choir every night....and then I got married...Amma fed them for a few months .when she ignored them they would steal.....then she found ways to send them away ...marry them off :D

- Then I had one cat I called my pet...its been 14yrs and she's still with me but with Achu's has changed for me and my cat :)

-  A few more years and Achu might just want a pet for himself....and as the circle of life should go on....I might land up with the dirty-work...together or seperate
- So long as its not a spider,lizard,snake or a scorpion or anything creepy or crawly......:b


  1. I am not so sure about cats, but I love dogs. Had two of them but had to send them to mom's when the brat was born because they didn't take well to being ousted from their role as our babies :(